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Monday, January 22, 2018

New Year and New Hopes

Well, 2017 is behind me and I'm trying to be positive and look forward. 
I've started training Pixel more and it's reaping its rewards. Its hard to motivate myself sometimes, but I'm getting there. So hopefully my blog will start to be busy again on a monthly basis.

So Firstly my priority has been getting Pixel to be more forward focused and to get her weaves sussed. She seemed to have decided (in her little mind) that she couldn't do the weaves the first time. She always turned back and argued. So after lots of thought, I decided that she would have one attempt, then if she didn't do it I ignored her and went and sat down. She then didn't get to "play" and had to wait for others to go and have their turn. We did this religiously at every training session and its played dividends. She soon started to realise that by barking and being stupid rather than doing the weaves meant she got nothing. She is now " touch wood" going into the weaves first time :-)

I did a show on Saturday and it was the first time of trying this in a show environment. I had said I would take her out if she mucked up again, but as you can see I didn't have to. Such a shame she came out of the weaves in the jumping. I have timed the round, even with the mess up her time was way up there :-)

I have posted 3 videos. One of her doing weave entries and forward focus in my field and the two runs at the show on Saturday :-)  I'm sure you can all see the improvement too :-)

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