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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Picking myself up

It's been a terrible month. Total disbelief, numbness and pain at losing Steve.
However, Steve made me promise to him that I'd be strong and carry on. I cannot tell you how hard this is.

Mdogsgs are what are getting me up in the morning and keeping me going.started
rated back training Pixel about 3 weeks ago and also went to a show. I didn't want to. My heart wasn't in it, but I made the effort. Pixel must have sensed that I felt down and worked so well. Lots of mistakes and eliminations in all classes but I could start to almost see the potential in her myself.

Then yesterday I went on a training day with Sian, OMG...she was wonderful. I have uploaded her bits from the shows and also her last sequence at the training day :-)

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