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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Progress ??

Well 2 weeks have past and November has arrived along with the clocks going back and the dark evenings.. So unless I can train Pixel during the day on my days off, I cant do any.

I am no longer Mrs Nice guy and I've had to firm up with her. I did a training day with Dan Shaw and Pixel did some fabulous stuff, but he also saw exactly her bad behaviour of barking and her naughtiness . After the 2 hour session he took me to one side and advised me on a way forward for her. He thinks a lot of her behaviour has been self rewarded. The one thing she is bad about and that is if I hold her collar to tell her to go on into the tunnel, she just runs off ,turns round and comes back to me jumping up and barking. However on the 3rd attempt she always does it perfectly. He thinks that this is now her default behaviour ,and the fact she gets the reward in the end anyway isn't helping. He suggested that she gets one go and then gets time out if she doesn't do it  !!!! So I send her into the tunnel or over a jump and if she does all her rubbish stuff she is either put into a crate for 30 seconds or so, or else I down her, walk off and ignore her. I am choosing to do the latter.
So far I do think its working but it will be very hard to do in a class environment..however I have decided that even if we have a whole month of not actually doing anything in the classes bar time out, it will be worth it in the end...I hope !!!!

So how have things been going for the last 2 weeks :-

Her 2 on and 2 off contact re train is going well, Her seesaw is pretty perfect :-) and her A Frame is 80% there.
I have been doing some switching behind the weaves and increasing distance and speed into them :-)
And waits , waits and more start line waits
I have also started teaching pull throughs and she has the concept but needs much more practice. Her turns need to be tightened  up a lot !!! , but as I have been concentrating on forward focus I have sacrificed tightness a bit.

She did another little fun show at Scrambles and there were some little bits I was really pleased with , but a lot I wasn't so keen on :-(

So things are progressing slowly and steadily.
As usual below are a selection of videos..One from Scrambles, One doing sequences, One of her Dog walk and a quick snippet of her Aframe :-)

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