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Saturday, November 12, 2016


For the last week I have been pondering how the next 6 months are going to pan out for Pixels training.
Sadly due to my work commitments her day time class has had to be dropped , so that has only left me a class on a Saturday morning where I am more or less doing my own thing..which isn't ideal at all.

So I was seriously considering doing the online H360 course by Susan Garrett. I was so near pressing the buy button, but I had niggling doubts about committing, so never quite did.
To do this course properly and get the absolute best out of it, you have to go right back to Zero with your dog. So that means restarting foundations etc. However I just know me, and know I may not be committed enough or have the time to put in. It was also recommended you give up any hope of competing for a complete year while you do this course.

I was watching every video Susan Garret put on Facebook and I have watched countless youtube videos about the system over the past 10 days. The good things would be that I could train on my own, fill in the missing gaps and hopefully get Pixel to a stage where she was really listening. But I also just wasn't sure about going alone and the price was quite steep too.

Someone contacted me via Facebook and asked me to ring her , which I did.
She said she was involved wth some people that train the H360 and she felt that knowing me as well as she did it may not be my cup of tea ???

So right up until the last few hours of registration I was still deliberating.  My decision in the end based on what I knew , what I'd read and been told , and this was not to do it.
But I then needed a trainer that would commit to me at least twice a month to give me intensive input and planning so that I can do things on my own when ever I can .

I approached a few excellent trainers, but either they didn't train during the winter, didn't have space for me, or needed me to commit both in time and money to regular sessions on set days, which sadly due to my work I just couldn't do :-(

But my friend Laura who trains with Sian Illingsworth, Dan Shaw and Dave Munnings was prepared to step in  to give me training fortnightly as and when I can . Laura has already up till now given me massive help with Pixel. She lives a fair way, but its very worth the distance as every time I come away from Laura I am on a big high as she so understands my problems/mobility and understands fully Pixels issues.

We have plans in place so I am now looking forward to the next 6 months .
I have learnt a lot as well from watching Susan Garretts videos and I am going to put some of those things into place even though I am not doing the complete H360 course, I am going to use more verbals, change the tone of my verbals ,and also go back to some basics. the main thing is to do little and often and make every training session count .

I had a private lesson with Laura last week and we worked on jump commitments with me further away and sending into tunnels and going on after the tunnel too.
Once again we achieved it all.
My homework is to practice rear crosses :-) And to continue to get Pixel to focus towards the first jump even if I am not in line with it.  At the moment she will be so busy looking at me she wont look at the jump thats straight in front of her.

I am also so pleased with how her Stopped 2 on and 2 off dog walk is coming on too :-)

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