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Friday, July 01, 2016

2 X 2 weave training update

Well one week later and things are going pretty well. I'm enjoying the new challenge of training 2 x 2 weaves and Pixel already has some awesome entries which she wouldn't have at this stage in her training using channels, however as is the norm with Pixel nothing is straightforward. She is still so focused on me that as the weaves have moved in and closer the harder it is for her as she isn't looking for the second weave poles and is still actually glancing at me. This has caused all sorts of frustrations ( mainly from me 😢)
People have said not to use the Manners Minder as its a lure , but I think sometimes in training we have to adapt methods to suit individual dogs and handlers, and yes although a big container full of food is a BIG lure it will focus her forward away from me whilst she learns her job. I will occasionally throw her toy as well to keep her thinking. I think people get caught up in methods and forget that each dog is an individual and what may work for most dogs may not work for some, particularly the Pixels of this world !! I am going to try with the Manners Minder and see what I get, there is no harm in this .
She is so bright I know once she has the concept I can faze the MM out, and at this moment in time I just can't see another way of doing this on my own.
I am going to play with the positioning of the MM so that maybe it's not in direct line of her sight . So we will see.

It's been a bad week generally with her training and I have been in tears several times. She has so much potential but her speed , manic behaviour, herding , no forward focus and her biting and barking is wearing me down.
Everyone says she will be so worth all upset and hard work in the end but I just don't know I have the stamina and patience to do it :-(  !

So here are several videos of her 2x2 sessions to see her progress up to this stage ! A lot of the in between manic rubbish is edited out, but you can hear and see some of my trials

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  1. Love your observer/trainer in one of the clips :) Pixel is lightening fast!