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Friday, June 17, 2016

Turn around

After my last post saying that I may give up on Pixels running contacts, my friend then came to my field and we put the Dog walk down to 2/3 of its height.
I can just about manage to move this up and down on my own at this height, as I don't have to use different trestles.
Well Pixel was amazing with about an 85% success rate.

I then did a little more work on her weaves. She seems to be understanding it quite well, although her herding instinct is strong so she tends to herd the poles a bit. I am sure over time she will understand she has to always go to the end through the channel weaves and not circle the entire weaves first, or circle the first weave pole :-) I am certainly having different training problems with her that I've never had before :-(

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