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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bad Blogger

Sorry for the big gap in blogging. I guess since losing Disney I havent wanted to write about much, but they say time is a healer and although I still miss him with all my heart and never a day passes without me thinking about him, I can now look at all my photos and videos without getting so upset.

So whats been happening. Well Pixel has been with us a whole year now. What a year !!!! She is still very much a handful and her training is very stressful as she is so hyper. Everyone tells me she will be worth it in the end and all will come right, but there are times when I just feel like crying :-( In the house she has calmed quite a bit and will at last settle during the evening after her initial wall of death and silliness.

So with regards to training here goes

Well as I anticipated its been very hard to continue regularly with Pixels running contacts.  I need to set the dog walk low for her, but with classes every week and no one to help me put the dog walk down and back up I am struggling. I have a very heavy dog walk and its really a 2 person job each time. I am beginning to think I may have to admit defeat and do a stopped contact for her as I can train this on a full height dog walk. But I am putting this on the back burner for now as I am going to spend the next month training her weaves. As she wont be 18mths till October and with not many ( if any ) shows going on she wont be competing seriously till next Spring, so I have plenty of time :-)  so her dog walk training can be put on hold for a short while . I will still take the end plank off my dogwalk from time to time and keep it in her mind what she has to do, but I am not going to stress about it.

So yesterday weave training started properly. She has been through channel weaves on odd occasions already, but this was primarily just to get her used to going through the channel. This had worked in as much as yesterday when i took her into the field she knew instantly what she had to do :-)
Because of this I was able to set the weaves in a narrower channel than I normally would start at. I would generally set them at about 15/16" to start. But because Pixel knew what to do I was able to set this first session at about 12". Once we had done several reps successfully I moved the weaves in one 1" for the last 3 repetitions. This is will be the start of todays session and hopefully today I will be able to take them down to 10" at the end. As soon as Pixel starts to move her body I will stop bringing the weaves in and concentrate on entries from both sides and all angles. Once she's doing this happily I will then move the weaves in inch by inch over the course of a week. I am hoping the whole process will take 3-4 weeks,( weather dependant ) but we will see  :-)
Here is the first weave training video :-)

As regards her Obedience..well there has been very little sadly . For one reason and another we haven't had any training for over a month, and although I do bits at home its not the same as one to one training and club night. Hopefully over winter this will resume again.

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