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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pixels Turns

I have started to introduce turns now from the end of the plank whilst we are still indoors on the short plank. Really pleased with her understanding that even if a cone isn't there she must go to the end and do the turn on a direction command. Here is a video update :-)

Pixels contacts Day 12. Starting to introduce  turns from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Contact training update

Not much to say really. Following on from Pixels great first sequence that I posted a video of a few days ago, here is the latest Contact video. I would say from the 5 minute session she did 3 dodgy ones, not actually jumps but the stride not quite perfect. So a success rate of at least 96/97% :-) :-)
Pixels running contact Day 10 from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Today Pixel did her first proper sequence and I was so pleased. Apart from the constant barking which I hate :-(  she was fab :-)
Here is a small video

Pixel is now almost 10.5 months old and although she still the same height she is now 9.2kg, so she is filling out and her coat is growing too :-)

Friday, February 19, 2016

Day 7

Latest video update.
Pixel, day 7 of her running contacts.
I have bought them back inside onto the small plank. I want a little more consistency. I think she was hitting 80/85% outside??
She is soooo enthusiastic,  that this takes over a little bit. After the initial whoo hoo, she settles and we are getting more consistency inside :-)  I am keeping each session very short.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pixels training Days 5 and 6

Well the contact training is coming on in leaps and bounds, however I decided to take it outside for the first time today and although generally happy with what she did for me, I feel I need to do more on the plank indoors for a few more sessions.
Anyway here are the latest 2 videos :-) She certainly is enjoying the training which I love :-)  but its very very early days  :-)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pixels Contact Training

Pixel is almost 10 months old now and I have been contemplating for months about what method I am going to use for her contacts. I was successful in training Boo a running Aframe contact and love  it,  so I knew I was going to do a running Aframe with Pixel, but I just couldn't decide on the Dogwalk. My last 7 dogs have all been taught a 2 on and 2 off, but they have aways ended up with slightly creepy down planks :-( So I really want to do a running dog walk contact with Pixel, but worry that I am neither young nor fast and recent injuries mean I am very guarded when I run. I was worried that she would just be too fast for me over the dog walk.
However I have been speaking with loads of people and they feel that as I will be training Pixel to be more independent and wanting her to do more distance work a running dog walk rather than be a hindrance may actually work in my favour. With a 2 on and 2 off the dogs are often looking back at their handler and waiting for them to catch up before going onto the next obstacle which means I would actually have to be more with her, like I am with Boo.

So bearing all this in mind I decided to would give a running dogwalk a go. So I started to search in earnest for the method that would suit me and Pixel best. I knew I didn't want the manic very fast running contacts that I have seen by some handlers. They look totally amazing, but I wanted a more controlled contact. Knowing how manic Pixel is I have no doubt she will build speed anyway.
I decided I wanted to use my Manners Minder ( food reward dispenser ) as opposed to a toy in the first instance. So once again I searched Youtube for inspiration, and then suddenly I had a video link sent to me by someone , who knew what I wanted to do , and this video was JUST what I wanted and used the method I wanted to use.
The lady in question used the method I want to use with her young collie and her name is Mona Grefenstein , She has a controlled method of training at the beginning but has ended up with the most reliable and superb contacts.

So having watched her video numerous times I started 4 days ago with Pixel .  I am using a rubber granuled plank indoors in my lounge. At first Pixel was frightened of the manners minder so I had to get her used to this which didn't take long, and then I had to get her used to the dog walk plank.  This was very trial and error, but after about 6 false starts moving her further and further back on the plank she mastered it.
I am looking for a split paw pattern with no jumping off the plank at the end..the dog has to stride through the plank. I have taken one excellent piece of info from Laura Chudleigh and that is 2 mistakes and then simplify so they get it right the next time.
By Day 3 I had raised the plank by 2" and she picked up a little bit of speed and got a 95% success rate with her striding. :-)
I am doing a maximum of 5 minutes each session. Today I put another 2 small books under, so raised the plank again by about half an inch I guess. Today she was even more enthusiastic and sadly I got a few jump offs. So i just took her back a step and encouraged her to slow down a little and she got it 100%. I then encouraged a little speed again and she did 3 great repetitions and I finished on a good note.
Tomorrow I will film again. I intend to video every other day, which not only is nice for me to look back on, but also gives me a good insight into her strides and progress :-)
Below are 2 videos. One from the first day and the next from Day 3 :-)