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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

9 months old

Well Pixel is now 9 months old. She is 8.6kg and 15.5 " tall. She hasn't grown in the last month, so i think this is how tall she will be.
She is still a monster of a puppy, so so naughty and hyperactive, never sleeps ( apart from at night ) but she is ultra cute, very bright and I can now smile when I look at her :-)
She has personality plus :-)

Her foundation agility continues and she is very hard work ( well would we expect any different ? )
Boo was hard work motivating. Pixel is hard work because she is the other way. She is very driven, hyper, manic, barks and bites :-( Her toy drive is immense and very strong.
Yesterday during training her attempts to bite succeeded and she got me on my boob :-( Its not deliberate, its just total frustration and hype.
So after lots of consideration and thought it has been decided to withdraw her toys mostly from agility training until I can get her focussed more and calm her down.
I will find this strange as I have always played tuggy and used toys with my dogs. I have come to a compromise by using treat balls. these are little balls that have a velcro fastening that you can put food in. So she can still have the joy of running out after a toy, but hopefully the calm will come with the reward of a treat from the ball. I do have both balls on their own or ones with a short tug, so I will see how things go over the next month or so.
Below is a little video of some of her foundation work last weekend. You can see clearly in it the issues I have with the barking and jumping up etc.
I am hoping I will look back on this blog in a years time and these issues will all be a distant memory :-) If they aren't then I think I will have given up agility by then with her.

I had to finish this blog with a very appropriate poster ..lol lol :-)


  1. I don't know how much of Susan Garrett's work you already know about, but I would be doing heaps of impulse control stuff, and also handling 360, when it opens again.

  2. Hi.

    I have been doing a lot of Susans stuff :-) I must post a video :-) All the impulse games are coming along just great :-) I tried crate games with some degree of success, but she has a huge reluctance to go into the crate when I play this, yet she is more than happy to go into her crate to sleep and at night ? I guess I have done something wrong ! Definitely looking at H360, but finances are incredibly tight at the moment :-(