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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Approaching 8 months !

Well I'm surviving ..just.
I have had a few tears recently over madam Pixel. Her Obedience is coming on really well, in fact anything that is in a controlled way is coming on great. But get her into the hype of agility foundation or anything exciting and she is like the devil reincarnate..she barks, bites and is generally very OTT.

Pixel now weight in at 8.4kg and is 15.5" tall at the shoulder. So she is continuing to grow. She is the exact same size and weight that Boo is now.
She is still the most destructive dog I have ever had, and although I am a very experienced dog trainer, she is totally beating me.

We are doing a small foundation training course with Hannah Banks. There are 7 puppies of similar ages in the group. They are all lovely and calm and do all the things in a lovely relaxed way. Then comes Pixel. If I do anything that requires me to hold her to start, she spins round and tries to bark/bite when I let her go...She then forgets what I have asked her and runs round barking at me trying to grab her toy. When she does do it..she is amazingly fast, but its the in between bits that are scary.  It takes me a while to get hold of her after she has done whatever it is. At home or on a walk I can call her to me , take hold of her harness/collar and put her on a lead. Try to get hold of the little "b" when she's finished at agility and she is awful. If anyone takes their go before I have got her, she runs and joins them too. :-(
I can get her to me by using a titbit, make her do a trick and then calmly take her by her collar. This all takes time and I feel guilty about people waiting.
I did mange to get her to do a tunnel combination by leaving her in a controlled ( sort of ) wait, moving a little way from her and she focussed enough to do it.

We now have an Xmas break so I have bought Susan Garrets crate Games DVD which helps teach dogs self control. I have already been working on some aspects of control in the home environment. She now has to sit on a mat and wait patiently for her dinner to be prepared and served. Up to this point she was jumping like Tigger and getting so worked up waiting that she totally exhausted herself, which couldn't be good for her digestion.

So my battles continue. I will update once Ive started the crate training :-)

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