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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

7 months old foundation agility

Well Pixel is now 7 mths old, 7.9kg and 15" Tall. She's still mad a hatter, non stop energy, noisy, destructive and a little madam. However she is so cute I cant help but smile ( some of the time )

I have started proper foundation agility classes with her and she is VERY keen, very noisy, very excitable and a bit bitey.

below is a little snippet from a tunnel exercise we were doing on a Toni training session. Next month when she is 8 months old I will introduce her to channel weaves and contacts. I still have my contact trainer that I had for Boo and its up in the spare room (that no longer has a bed in it) so even in the wet weather I can practice her end position. I will be doing a running A-Frame so that wont be possible indoors.

Disney update

It has been a while since I have posted about Disney. He is now just over 17.5 years old. He is still amazing, although sadly old age is creeping up on him. He can still manage to go up and down the stairs at night, but is finding it more of a struggle. I think his failing sight may have something to do with it also.

He can still sprint across the filed when he wants, and the other night he decided to play games with me when I took him out for his last pee before bed. He proceeded to run past me  into the field. He then didn't want to come in and decided to run up the path alongside the field away from me. I was in my dressing gown and I was so glad that not only wasn't it too cold and wet, but no one was around !! he cant hear as he's stone deaf so I couldn't shout for him, I just had to wait for him to come back.

He also still enjoys a game of tug and is still really strong.

He hates being groomed now, and so I tend to leave him longer than I should. A few weeks had gone past and I noticed he had lots of matts . But he was getting even more stressed about being groomed so I decided he should be clipped off, even though I knew I'd hate it :-(

However he hated the clippers even more than the grooming so I have no choice but to sit patiently , smother him in various detangling sprays and gels and set to work. 

Well not only did I manage to groom all his tangles and knots out, I managed to clip his nails and bath him. We then had a little photo shoot . I think you will agree he doesn't look at all like a 17.5 year old dog ! In fact I have pictures of him at 6-7 years old looking very similar albeit without a little grey beard ..lol