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Thursday, October 29, 2015

6 Months old

Well she made it..Pixel is now 6 months old..well actually 6.5 months nearly.  She weighs in at just 7 kg and is 14" at the shoulder. I am now taking bets as to what height she will eventually be. I have always thought she would be mid way between Boo and Disney, but at the moment she is still 1" smaller than Boo !! Disney is 16.75" tall, so who knows ??
She continues to be hard work and a very wilful madam. However we have just got back from a few days down at my friend Jane. she was such an angel down there. She just slotted in with all Janes Standard Poodles and GSD , she loved the walks and she slept ( yes slept) during the evenings. However the moment we got home she reverted back to the pup from hell, and immediately started to destroy an indestructible dog bed !! inner soles from hubbies shoes, and bought half the garden back inside. During this past week she has now decided to chew her crate bed too :-( When will it end ??

Here are a few pics from our break at Janes including a little video at the end.

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