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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pixel 5 mth update

Pixel is almost 5 months now. and dare I say it but she is calming down just a very very little.

She is still stroppy, has tantrums, is destructive, is on the go constantly...but I can see chinks of goodness appearing :-)
Her walks have increased in length now as she's joining the big boys and girl for their walks in Bushy Park.

She starts her walk on a long line until I am sure she is respecting both the dogs ( not jumping on and grabbing them) and  also to make sure she is clued into the fact she comes back when called. After about 5-10 minutes she comes off the long line and so far so good.

She had her single , one and only ,vaccination at 18 wks. She was fine and I did relax afterwards.
I will get her titre tested in about 3 weeks time to make sure all is well :-)

She is growing like a weed and weighs in at 6kg. She is roughly 13.5" at her shoulder.

Tomorrow she has her first puppy foundation play session with Dan Shaw :-) I think she is going to be a challenge at this also. She is very vocal and bitey as soon as we do anything exciting .. hopefully I may get a bit of video :-)

Here are a few pics of her taken a couple of days ago , along with a little video of her recalls.
Sorry about my noise...lol

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