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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pixels Obedience

Gosh look at me...3 posts in one month :-)

I just wanted to post this little video of Pixel doing her Obedience training. So pleased with her :-)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A couple of Firsts :-)

We Pixel had her very first motivational agility foundation class last Sunday with Dan Shaw.

She was fab. Very keen and not too noisy. It was only for an hour and there were 6 dogs in the class.
It gave me a glimpse of what she may be capable of :-)
Here is a little short video :-)

We also did another nice walk in Bushy park and Pixel had her first swim. After her first experience at the beach where she got accidentally dunked by my friends standard poodle I was concerned it may have put her off...well as you will see it didnt :-)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pixel 5 mth update

Pixel is almost 5 months now. and dare I say it but she is calming down just a very very little.

She is still stroppy, has tantrums, is destructive, is on the go constantly...but I can see chinks of goodness appearing :-)
Her walks have increased in length now as she's joining the big boys and girl for their walks in Bushy Park.

She starts her walk on a long line until I am sure she is respecting both the dogs ( not jumping on and grabbing them) and  also to make sure she is clued into the fact she comes back when called. After about 5-10 minutes she comes off the long line and so far so good.

She had her single , one and only ,vaccination at 18 wks. She was fine and I did relax afterwards.
I will get her titre tested in about 3 weeks time to make sure all is well :-)

She is growing like a weed and weighs in at 6kg. She is roughly 13.5" at her shoulder.

Tomorrow she has her first puppy foundation play session with Dan Shaw :-) I think she is going to be a challenge at this also. She is very vocal and bitey as soon as we do anything exciting .. hopefully I may get a bit of video :-)

Here are a few pics of her taken a couple of days ago , along with a little video of her recalls.
Sorry about my noise...lol