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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pixel Dust is almost 12 weeks

Well we've nearly reached the 12 week old stage and I havent murdered her yet..lol

She is by far the most confident, naughtiest , cleanest, brightest puppy I have owned. I think she's actually a crocodile as her teeth and biting are incredible.

She did her first film job last week. It wasnt pre planned, Boo was supposed to be doing it, but Boo's terrible upset at the studios earlier this year, meant she was too anxious and upset to perform properly. ( more on that in a minute )
So Fozzie came and did the acting bit and Pixel did the cute be carried bit :-)

She was just so bold and had to do one scene with about 6 other dogs all running around together. She couldnt give a fig.

Today Fozzie was yet filming another commercial. Pixel had to come along because it was too long to leave her at home.  She came on set and was amazing. There were hoards of crew, Loads of noisy extras and equipment everywhere.  She took the whole experience in her stride .

Here are some pics of last week on her job and today :-)

Shes now been away on her first camping trip too. Once again totally unfazed and took everything thrown at her. She had her first off lead walk with the boys and Boo. Her recall is non existent , but as long as she's hanging onto one of the dogs ears I can get her back by calling them..lol
She keeps me on my toes thats for sure.

I am having a mental Dillema at the monet as regards her vaccinations. All my other puppies have just had a single puppy Jab and then I titre test to check its taken and they are immune. Since Boo 3 years ago I have heard of more and more dogs that have had side effects from vaccinations..skin issues, immune issues, allergies, behavioural issues, epilepsy and worse :-(
I made the decision to leave her even longer before I vaccinated her and in the meantime gave her homeopathic nosodes. There have been various studies using Nosodes on people in Cuba and other countries and the success rate has been amazing. However I am not sure that I have 100% faith in them, but equally even the vaccinations aren't always successful and as I said above can be detrimental.  However having said this I have been putting her down on the ground and letting her meet dogs since day one !!  She is one very socialised little puppy :-)


As I said earlier Boo has had confidence issues since her scare at a studio shoot 3 months ago for Fiat.
It has made her very anxious and last week was the first job I had taken her too since. We had no time for prep and she was in a right state and wanted to bolt :-(

She did do some bits, but was clearly very unhappy. So we bought Fozzie in and he did the work and then Pixel (as mentioned above) did the cuddly bits.

So 2 days later I took her to Pets at Home. She was once again very anxious and worried about every movement and noise :-( 
Next day we went to the Garden centre..same scenario but when we went outside and sat by the noisiest outdoor play area you could imagine ,she was totally un perturbed. So after about 10 minutes back inside we went armed with tasty titbits and I managed to get her to relax and even do some tricks. I am giving her rescue remedy to try and help. 

The plan now is to take her to every single indoor venue I can think of and try and re habilitate her somehow. 
Tomorrow we are taking Boo on a photo shoot ( along with Pixel ) This is in a very studio inside a house, so I am hoping it may be an ideal opportunity to put her in a quiet setting and reward loads. Pixel is doing a photo shoot for Dogs Today :-)

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