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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pixel Puppy :-)

7 weeks old

I'll soon be able to jump up there !

Well I wanted another Puppy like a hole in my head.  In fact I didn't want another puppy at all. I was going to wait till we had no longer got Disney as he hates puppies and Chip hates Disney, so we spend out entire time with stair gates and separated dogs, but with only Boo really to work I knew I had to get another soon or else I'd be too old to want to. It takes 18 mths to train one to competition standard and Disney doesn't look like he's going anywhere soon.

So I started to look and put feelers out.  I had met someone last year from Agility up north that had a blue merle collie x poodle and asked him where he had got her from.  I phoned the people but they had no plans at that time to breed another litter anytime soon.

So I then heard about a litter of Chinese Crested cross Collie litter. I went to see the puppies and had intended to get a little male puppy, but then Chip and Fozzie had a scrap and tension between them escalated and we felt that maybe a little girl may be better to even things out. The lady was very understanding as she didnt have a girl puppy to offer me.

So I started my search again. As quite a few months had past since my contact with the breeder of the collie poodles up north I decided to email him again. It must have been fate as he said his bitch had just given birth to 7 puppies.

3 weeks later I went to see them. The Mother was lovely, as were the pups.
I went back when they were 6 weeks old to make my choice but it was so hard to choose . The little merle boy wanted to be with me and play with me and he tugged at my heart strings, but I knew a bitch would not only be smaller and less likely to go into large, but more sensible with the dog situation. I vowed I'd never have another bitch but hey ho.
The people were great and said I could leave my final decision till when I collect and I still had pick.

Well my obedience friend Chris came with on pick up day and the boy once again came straight to me, but the I really wanted to see if the 2 little girls had changed in a week. The all merle one was very distant and didn't really do anything to help herself be chosen. But the other little girl really started to shine. So home she came.

She spent the first week being called puppy. We just couldn't decide on a female name. I had loads of male names picked but nothing for girls. There was Belle, Tink, Bee, Bitz, Tizzy and Jessie..but nothing seemed right. Then my best friend Jane messaged me and reminded me about a name that I had thought of for Boo or Fozzie and that name was Pixel. It just seemed right. Links into the film and TV theme. There is a Disney film called Pixel Perfect, and it is a cute very original name...unlike all the previous suggestions.
I am struggling to think of her as Pixel and its not coming naturally at the moment to call her this after spending the previous week calling her puppy and various other names. I dont think I have met a single person yet who hasn't said what a great name it is, so thats good
I am sure over the coming weeks it will roll off the tongue. Trouble is people have already said she will be called Pixie which I hate. I don't mind Pix as a shortened version though. her registered name will be something along the lines of Megapixel ..............   ............  ?? Yet to be decided but will be linked to photo in someway.

She is an absolutely demon. Very confident and full on. Very very noisy and screams when she is in the pen. However she is the cleanest puppy I have ever had. She hasn't messed in her crate once and is 95% housetrained in a week. I picked her up at 7 weeks and she is now 8.5 weeks.
She is picking up things very quickly and she is Mega cute :-)

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