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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pixel 9 wks old and training coming on fast

Pixel is now 9 wks and 2.5 kg. She is such hard work. She is very head strong and has a temper on her I cant believe. she really is a puppy from hell and extra hard work, but I believe if I channel this all in the right direction she will make a fab dog..if she is still alive by them..lol

She torments the other dogs terribly and has no fear. Even strange dogs she approaches with the same manner ie jumping up at them to grab their ears, hair, face  in fact any part she can grab and pull :-(
Without a shadow of doubt if she met Disney and approached him in that manner she would be seriously hurt. We have to be extra vigilant that she never meets him until she's more respectful..if ever !

So here are a couple of videos of her at 8 weeks and then 9 weeks.

I do 5 minutes of training with her a night if possible. I grab a bit of chicken and when thats gone I finish. It would be so easy with a pup like her to carry on as she is so keen, but I want to keep her fresh and wanting more :-)


Chip was very poorly last week. It started tuesday night/wed morning. I came down to several pools of bile. I thought nothing of it, he seemed fine and I just assumed he had been eating grass.
He was fine all day Wednesday and Thursday morning, but on Thursday afternoon he started to be sick again. I took the dogs for a late walk and he wasn't right and started to strain but nothing came. By 9.30 it was clear he wasnt well. I was worried it may be a blockage . I phoned the vet who said to watch him closely and if no improvement he'd see him no matter what time. He appeared to cheer up but to be safe I took him up to bed that night. At about 5.15 he started to vomit again. I got up with him at about 5.30 and he had violent diarrhoea :-( I waited till it was time for the vet to come on duty and I phoned as soon as I could and he said to bring him straight down. By the time we got to the vet Chip had started to vomit blood as well.  He had various injections and we agreed for me to take him home and we'd see how he went. However by 2pm Chip had started to pass blood as well. At this stage my vet said he should go in and go on a drip and have IV fluids and antibiotics. Chip was going downhill  and was quite weak and depressed. I was petrified it was a virus because of the pup and old Disney. My vet was sure it was something Chip had eaten. He stayed in overnight and I picked him up on Saturday. He was by then 100% better than the day before. He took till Monday to really improve to his normal self. The faecal results were normal , so although we don't know 100% what he had wrong it almost definitely wasn't a virus. All my other dogs remained well thank goodness :-)

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