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Monday, April 14, 2014

BIG update

Lots to write about as Ive been a bad blogger for the past 3 months.

Firstly all was well with Boo after her raisin eating incidence..phew.

Boo's TV appearance has been and gone. She was actually seen quite a few times , but not as much as was shot, but I expect that nowadays.

Fozzie's injury turned out to be a hamstring injury. He had magnetic therapy and exercises for 2 weeks, and then gentle lead work leading up to off lead runs over the following wk or so.
I made the decision to withdraw him from Crufts because he just wouldn't have been jump fit by then, also I was concerned about the surface there and if he another slip it could set everything back.

The following week after Crufts we went away to the USA and under our instruction the dogs didn't get much exercise then, so on return I had a lot of work to get them all fit ready for their first show this weekend.

Fozzie's Santander advert has aired and he looked lovely in it :-) Both his Direct Line and Santander ads were both being shown at the same time :-)

Last weekend all my dogs bar Disney filmed alongside 30 other dogs for a film due out at the end of this year /beginning of 2015 called "Absolutely Anything" Click this link to tell you more. Quite a list of stars.
I was also an extra in the film, so that's one cinema trip I will be making :-)

I continue to have my Highs and Lows with Boo. One week I think YES she is getting more motivated and then the next I feel like giving the whole thing up :-(
However she is still doing really well in the Obedience, so much so that I decided to enter my first show ..........

So this all brings us to this weekend.

I have been taking my boys into the field everyday and gradually working on their fitness, doing grids and straight line jumps and I saw an improvement gradually developing.
So I decided they would be able to compete this weekend just gone.

However on the Saturday it was Boo's debut at Obedience. First show of the year for many people at Oxhey, and a big busy show at that. There were 41 Novice bitches entered which I was told was a big entry. I took her in to do her A round first as a training round and I took her toy in with me. I just did some heel work and a retrieve. I was delighted with her attitude :-)
About an hour later, when it was a little quieter I decided to do her Novice round. Not quite sure why but she was sneezing quite a bit on the heel work, but she didn't lose position.  Disney used to do this and I could never work out why !!!!
Anyway she was fab :-) She lost 3/4 mark on heel on lead, 1 mark on Heel free, 1/2 mark on recall and nothing on retrieve :-) So total mark lost was 2 and a quarter.
I then had to wait for the other 27 dogs to work. I couldn't believe it when at the end of the class she had WON !!!!! Her first obedience show, under an extremely good experienced judge ,against very hot competition. I had never ever expected that ! The second placed dog had lost over 3 so she led by a good margin too :-) She now has to only get 1 other win to be out of Novice and into "A" and she doesn't know her scent yet :-(
This could potentially the shortest obedience show season yet unless I get her scent and out of sight stays sorted. I have had to work extremely hard on her sit stay as it is, she had a tendency to lay down after about 40 seconds :-( So after every walk I've done I have left her in a sit stay whilst I load the other dogs and the kiddies into the van. She's had to sit amongst strange dogs running around so with huge distractions. It certainly paid off :-)

Here is the video of her performance :-)

On the Sunday we were up really early again, this time for Agility at Shuttleworth.
The boys worked well, but their lack of fitness showed as they knocked a few jumps and didn't seem to have the stamina. Someone also said I was working Fozzie like a pansy and I have to agree. I was so concerned about his injury that I just wasn't pushing him at all.

However the icing on the cake was Boo... She was FANTASTIC. She didn't go clear, but she was fast, driven and focused. the best she has ever been at a show.
I am now feeling much more positive about her agility future because I could actually see it is there :-)
She's due her second measure some time over the next 2 months and I would so love her to measure into small. The last time she was just a whisker into Medium and I know from me measuring her at home that sometimes she does measure small. The second measure stands if the dog changes height unless you want to contest it..well obviously if she went into small I wouldn't :-)
Here is a little compilation of the 3 runs she did..you can see just how motivated she is :-)

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