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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Not Such a Good Start

Well I was hoping 2014 would be a better year but it hasnt started too well :-(

Firstly all my training classes since the New Year has had to be cancelled because of torrential rain, and the field is just too slippery and sodden.

I had started Fozzies training in earnest to get him fit and ready for Crufts in March. I had booked several training sessions with him and his weekly training was going really well. He was amazing , totally paw perfect and looking great.
Then disaster :-(
I have to put Fozzie in a crate when at training because he tends to get so worked up watching the other dogs. 2 wks ago I did just that, but he managed to get so worked up ( even inside the crate ) that he rolled it over . At the time I laughed and thought no more about it. He continued to work and I thought all was fine, however near the end of the session he suddenly didn't want to work and kept running back to my seat. Clearly something wasn't right , so I went to put him away. He was reluctant to jump into the back of the van, so I know he must have hurt something.
The next day I phoned my Chiro. She was on holiday so I had to see her colleague. She diagnosed a mis aligned pelvis and put it straight with strict instructions to rest him for 48hrs. I was a little concerned because he did yelp when she did it , which is very unusual :-(

However there was no improvement after 3 days so I was worried, especially as he seemed to have no strength in his rear end. Someone suggested maybe he had hurt a disc in his back :-( Fozzie was also due to go on a film job the next day. I hummed and harred about taking him , but all he had to do was sit in a caravan, so not too taxing for him. Thank goodness that all went well :-) This was for a Santander commercial :-)

I was due to take him back to the Chiro last Monday , but on reflection decided that probably wasn't the right course of action if he had hurt his back. So after several recommendations I am taking him to see a physio for more of an all round approach to the problem.
I am pretty sure he won't be competing at Crufts even if he is better by then :-( I think it may be foolhardy to run him on that surface after any sort of injury so close to the event.
Today I took him to my vet to get the referral ,and I have to say over the last 2 days he has been better. She examined him thoroughly and he didn't elicit any pain or discomfort , so maybe the rest has worked !
However I am still taking him to see the Physio on Friday , because I want him 100% sound for the agility season with or without Crufts.

Now Boo....Last Tuesday she raided one of my minded kiddies bags. Unbeknown to me until 2-3 hrs later she had eaten a packet of Raisins which are highly toxic to dogs.
Total panic as it was 11.30 at night.
Emergency call to my vets, who advised me to take her to another emergency vets because he wasn't sure he had the correct treatments for her.
She needed to be made to vomit , be put on a drip and the given charcoal all night. The biggest problem was the length of time from ingestion , as by 2 hrs some would definitely have gone through her stomach into her intestines and started to be absorbed.
So it was a waiting game :-(

She seems to be fine...so fingers tightly crossed.
Before this happened she too had an agility training session with Natasha Wise and she was a really good girl :-)
Last Sunday she had an obedience training day and equally she was brill.

So not quite the start of the year I was hoping for.
Here are a couple of videos of Boos agility last week and an obedience training session back in December .

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