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Sunday, December 29, 2013

End of Year Catch Up.

2013 is coming to an end , so I thought this was a good time to catch up with my news.

My last post was about Boo's first TV job for Tesco. Unfortunately they cut her bit out of their ad so no one ever got to see how lovely she was, however 3 weeks ago she did her second job .

It was for a pilot comedy programme called " The Walshes" to be shown in February. She is the family dog called "useless"  Poor Boo :-(

I hadn't a clue what she had to do when we arrived. So I was very nervous about it all, and how she'd be. Well I needn't have worried..she was totally AMAZING :-)

She had several scenes to do and she was paw perfect. They even asked for her to do something I hadn't taught her. In 5 minutes I got her to go on command to the other end of the room and then go and lay in a bed. The cast and crew loved her and more importantly the producer and director were raving about her. I got lovely feedback from my agent that they sent her afterwards.

I wont have any worries about any future work that she may asked to do.

Fozzie also did his first TV Job I previously posted about. This was actually for the new Direct Line advert. Once again a dogs first job is always a worry. You can never be sure whether they will freak at the cameras, crew, noises etc.

Once again I couldn't fault Fozzie. He had to be alongside small children inside a cramped car for a considerable amount of time and he was brilliant. He was chilled and happy throughout.

I don't know how much will end up on the cutting room floor, but hopefully he will be seen at some point :-) Here are some pics of him filming.

At the beginning of December Boo was eventually spayed :-( She has suffered badly with her hormones and I just couldn't bear her low mood and lack of any sort of work ethic. It was making me depressed, and I had made the decision that if she was to remain intact then her agility would go out of the window as I felt like I was flogging a dead horse.

However the decision was taken away from me, because we booked a fantastic holiday at the end of March to the US. My sister in law is house/dog sitting and unfortunately it would have been just when Boo would be in season again. After the " accident " with Woody last time, coupled with the fact it would be a huge responsibility having an in season dog to look after , I decided the only option was to get her spayed.

She was awful when we got her home after her op. She acted like someone was using her as a pin cushion. She jumped in the air for no reason, she scratched constantly , couldn't settle and was extremely stressed. I had to put a babies bodysuit on her to prevent her damaging herself with constant scratching. It took a full 7 days for her to behave normally, and then thank goodness she was ok because 10 days later she was doing her film job. However the real problems came a week later, when she felt fine again because I couldn't keep her quiet , still or keep all 4 of her feet in the floor. She was bouncing like Tigger :-( Jumping on and off furniture and it was a nightmare !

Here we are 4.5 weeks later and she is behaving like a total loon. She has reverted to puppy hood and is a menace and being very naughty again . I am hoping this will bode well for her agility.  We have a Natastha Wise training day today and I am going to start her back gently with poles on the floor. No A Frame or Seesaw and only end contacts on the Dog Walk. Next week I will introduce small jumps and then hopefully by mid January she can resume properly albeit at small height till February.

She is off lead on her walks now.

Boo sporting her bodysuit :-) Looking very fed up :-(

I wrote back at the beginning of October that I was thinking of giving up agility shows. As I said then this decision was based on some negative things that had happened coupled with Boos lack of motivation, Chips advancing age and Fozzies injury problems.

I have since decided that I will be continuing :-) HOORAY. But maybe not doing so many shows and maybe doing some different shows that I don't normally do. I am also going to do some Obedience shows with Boo.

Chip still has at least another agility season, even if he's no longer competitive. Fozzie has upped his game and is actually amazing at the moment. I need to get some intense training in before Crufts though. I need to find an AstroTurf arena to practice on, so he understands the surface.

And fingers tightly crossed that Boo will now go from strength to strength.

Lastly in this round up I can't forget lovely Disney.
He is doing amazingly well. Its so hard to believe he almost wasn't with us 3 months ago. He is extremely senile and sometimes very frustrating, but he is my special boy and I treasure every extra day I have with him.
I am extremely worried about my holiday in March . But I am leaving him in very safe hands and trust Carol ,my sister in law, to make any decisions which may have to be made as regards his health. I originally wasn't going to go away as I couldn't bear to leave him, but this opportunity came up and it wouldn't be there another time. I am sure he will be 100% ok whilst I am away, although I am sure I will be phoning/ messaging home almost every day.
That is the joy of Skype and internet. Its so easy to keep in touch wherever you are in the world.

In 2014 I am going to try and do a quick round up at the end of every show I go to on my blog. I can now do it via my phone, so should be easy enough to do actually on site. I can save a draft and just publish it on my return home.

Here are a couple of lovely photos to end this year. Its of some of my lovely Hairygang at Xmas


  1. I'm really glad you decided to carry on with agility - you've obviously put a lot of hard work in, it would be such a shame to see it go to waste! :-)

  2. Happy New Year! Wishing you all a successful and healthy year ahead.