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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

After a series of negative events over the past few weeks/months that have made me quite depressed , I have made the decision to give up Agility, well certainly competing anyway.

I haven't made any decisions yet about training, but I think certainly for this winter I will continue to train my dogs in a small way.

I was struggling anyway to find training for both my big boys during winter , so this was also getting me down. Although I have my own field and equipment, I lack motivation to go out and train on my own. I'm happy to go out and practice contacts, weaves and the odd exercise, but anything other than that I just cant do. I also need someone to tell me where I went wrong, where I could have tightened a turn or just set me an exercise.

However I have some monthly training days at my field organised with Natasha Wise which I will honour, because all my regular friends enjoy it so. So I will train the boys once a month and I will do grids work and single jump exercises etc with them in the field to keep them jump fit.
Boo has got regular training during winter, so for a while I will continue to train her. Sadly she hasn't really turned out quite how I hoped. She is nice and neat, but lacks the drive and want that I love in my boys. I have to use so much energy playing, cajoling, encouraging that I am mentally and physically exhausted at the end of each exercise/run. I had to do this with my Standard Poodles many years ago, but since having my 4 boys I hadn't realised how hard this can be and I'm a lot older now too :-(
I realise Boo is still very young and lacks confidence, and also at the moment she is still a bit hormonal after her season 7 weeks ago, so she could pick up.

I had even started to look around for a puppy again, and had found a perfect litter, but I'm not sure that this is the answer , although typically this is the first time hubby Steve has actually encouraged me to go and look at a puppy !!!
Also 6 dogs really is too much, and Disney is now doing so well( more on him in a minute) that I don't see a space occurring for quite a while..thank goodness.

So at this moment in time my decision sticks. I may go back to Obedience shows next year, to give me a break and then take stock after a few months.
Here is a little video of Boo at maybe her last show. I know we should never say never, so I wont say she will never compete again....time will tell


Disney is doing incredibly well :-) In fact better than I could have imagined :-) He's been signed off from the vets. He no longer has to wear his collar, his incision is completely healed and he can resume normal life. He's also back enjoying his normal walks. He still gets a bit puffy when he's out for any length of time especially if its warm, but he managed an hours walk 2 days ago with ease and was still running at the end :-) Disney has never been one that charges around on a walk even as a puppy, so he doesn't overexert himself. I can't help smiling all the time when I look at him.
Generally his whole attitude and demeanour has improved immensely at home and he is so much more chilled. I now wonder just how much discomfort he has been in for the past few months :-(
I still get a chill when I think how close we were to having him put to sleep. If my vet had been on duty on that Friday after his specialist appointment, Disney would not be here today. It was only because we had to wait till Saturday for her to be on duty that everything changed. It was the Friday evening that Disney picked up and I realised that maybe he should have chance. It was definitely meant to be :-)


  1. Good news re Disney. Phew! I am so happy for you!
    I can understand how you feel about training Boo. I have been struggling with my girls too. I think, one thing I have learned in the past, if things get frustrated. I just walked away and then come back again when I am ready. I've been on and off training my girls, like you, I feel they are very difficult to train compare to my boys. I would not push it. Take a break and you will enjoy it all over again x

  2. It will be her hormones Rosie, get her spayed and hopefully that will reduce the highs and lows she is currently going through. Chat tomorrow :-)