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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Boo's first proper TV Job

Last week Boo had her first proper TV Job. She did a still shoot when she was about 12 weeks old, but since then I haven't put her forward for anything as I felt she was too immature.

Well I needn't have worried...she was totally FANTASTIC. She wasn't fazed by a thing and was extremely confident
Her first scene was to be tearing up Xmas wrapping paper. I knew about the job 2 weeks ago and I taught her to tear on command. I was very confident until they told me 5 minutes before they'd like her to tear the paper on a parcel, which I hadn't taught. The AD went off to talk to the director and they decided to go back to plan a) as thats what I was told to teach her.
She was very excited and ready to go. They said action and I gave her her cue.... disaster. The scene before had food in it and there were crumbs everywhere and all she did was go off and sniff :-(
I wanted to die, I had been so confident she would do it. Anyway they got set up again. I played with a piece of the wrapping paper with Boo and hey presto she was away. They made her do it about 7 times, she then had to play with a cuddly toy amongst the paper and then had to do various cute poses with paper in her mouth. I have just been teaching Boo to beg and my hand signal is verbal with a hand up. They wanted her to look up into camera, so I go a piece of sausage out and held it up above the camera , Bless her..she immediately went up into a beg :-) The Ooo's & Arrrs from everyone was lovely :-)

Next scene 2 days later involved her running around a snow covered garden whilst a family played football and had a snow ball fight. Not much preparation for that, she was great and wasnt worried about all these people running around her at all.

It was for the Tesco Xmas Commercial, which should start to be screened approx mid November. They may of course cut all her bits :-( or it could be a blink and miss it.
Here are a couple of pics of her in the artificial snow.

With her on screen family

Chips appearance in BBC 1 " The Escape Artist"  A 3 part criminal series should be airing very soon. It stars David Tennant. Chip was just the family dog and only appears briefly in a few scenes.

Then theres Woody. He appears in 5 episodes of the childrens programme Gigglebiz with Justin Fletcher on CBeebies. This is airing now.

And lastly...Fozzie is doing his first job soon. I am slightly worried about this as he hasn't been behind a TV camera at all yet. I don't know what its for yet. At first they just wanted a dog to sit in the back of a car. That shouldn't be hard, but I've since been told he will have to do something else too..once again I haven't a clue what that is or what the job is for !!

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