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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Disney is Home

Disney is home :-) The operation was a success and hopefully we will have a few more months if not years with my special boy. he is over the worse, but obviously he has a few weeks of recovery before he's right back to normal.
The lump was enormous, bigger than ever imagined and was pushing his bladder right into his pelvis and his other organs towards his lungs.
It has gone off for a biopsy, so should know in about 7-10 days what exactly it was.
Disney is an amazing dog, and has come home with a spring in his step and you certainly wouldn't know he had just had a serious operation.
If you're squeamish don't look at the next picture, but this was the mass they removed !!!

I just wanted to add this little video taken of Disney the day before the op. How could I have not given him the chance !

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  1. We are glad the operation went well. Hope your special boy recovers well. He must feel relieved to get rid of that massive lump. Love Coco, Silky, Lee and Yoshiko