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Monday, September 02, 2013

Boo at Letchworth

Generally Boo was more upbeat and happy this weekend at Letchworth Show. She seemed to have a smile on her face.
However on the Sunday all her runs were later in the day and she had definitely gone down a notch. Both her runs on the Sunday seemed slow, and I once again felt a little down .

I know its probably hormone related, so I have 75% decided to get her spayed now. I will see how she is over the next few shows. The weekend shows have finished , so I just have a handful of day shows to do this month and next.

I will make the decision in November. By this time she should be over any phantoms and her hormones should be back to normal. If she comes back with gusto I will spay her, if there is no difference then I don't know which way I will swing.

Here is a little video with snippets from her runs

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