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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Best News Ever

The results are back and it was the best news possible. The lump wasn't a malignant or benign tumour, it was a fatty lymphoma .
So now we can relax and enjoy what time we have left with Disney.
I took this this evening. Hard to believe its only been 10 days since his Op :-)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Disney Update

It has now been a week since Disney's operation. He is doing remarkably well. He's wanting to run, play and seems so much happier, even though he has to wear a special collar to stop him getting at his stitches. These ones are inflatable and so much nicer than the horrible hard plastic cone type. When he came home, thats all I had and he hated it and was so miserable. Worse still he got stuck under the table between the seat legs. Fortunately someone lent me this inflatable one and its been a godsend. It would be no good on a dog with a leg injury as they can still reach their legs, but on abdomen wounds its perfect :-) Disney uses his as a pillow :-)

Hopefully the results of the biopsy will be back this week.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Disney is Home

Disney is home :-) The operation was a success and hopefully we will have a few more months if not years with my special boy. he is over the worse, but obviously he has a few weeks of recovery before he's right back to normal.
The lump was enormous, bigger than ever imagined and was pushing his bladder right into his pelvis and his other organs towards his lungs.
It has gone off for a biopsy, so should know in about 7-10 days what exactly it was.
Disney is an amazing dog, and has come home with a spring in his step and you certainly wouldn't know he had just had a serious operation.
If you're squeamish don't look at the next picture, but this was the mass they removed !!!

I just wanted to add this little video taken of Disney the day before the op. How could I have not given him the chance !

Monday, September 09, 2013

My Special Boy

Life can be so cruel sometimes :-(

Last week Disney suddenly had a very bad attack where he needed to keep peeing and was passing blood, and he was very very upset.
I took him to the emergency vet at 10.30pm who administered an antibiotic jab, an anti inflammatory and a morphine jab. He said he could feel a mass and wanted him to be seen asap by a specialist.

The next day I was down at Godstone at the North Downs referral centre.
They kept him in and did an ultrasound and told me the news I didn't want to hear, and that was he had a huge mass in his abdomen that was pushing on his bladder.
However the biopsy showed that possibly it wasn't a tumour, however the only way to be certain was to open him up. When they did the biopsy some pus came out and tests showed necrosis .

Originally Steve and myself said that we didn't want him to undergo surgery, and we thought the kindest thing would be to have Disney put to sleep. However although 15.5 yrs old, his blood tests were amazing for his age. His quality of life is still good, he has no arthritis , and although deaf and has a heart murmur, he doesn't look or act his age.

We spoke with the specialist and Emily ( my fantastic vet)  and it was decided to give Disney a chance with Surgery. We have all agreed that once she has opened him up, if the operation is going to be straightforward with a good recovery, she will go ahead. However if , when she opens him, she finds a real mess in there, or the mass have infiltrated other organs etc she will call us and we will go down and say our goodbyes to him on the operating table and he wont be bought round.

I know there is a big chance we will be saying our goodbyes tomorrow, but we felt if there was any chance the op could be successful we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if we have just a few more quality months with Disney it will be worth it.

So fingers and toes and anything else tightly crossed for my extra special boy.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Boo at Letchworth

Generally Boo was more upbeat and happy this weekend at Letchworth Show. She seemed to have a smile on her face.
However on the Sunday all her runs were later in the day and she had definitely gone down a notch. Both her runs on the Sunday seemed slow, and I once again felt a little down .

I know its probably hormone related, so I have 75% decided to get her spayed now. I will see how she is over the next few shows. The weekend shows have finished , so I just have a handful of day shows to do this month and next.

I will make the decision in November. By this time she should be over any phantoms and her hormones should be back to normal. If she comes back with gusto I will spay her, if there is no difference then I don't know which way I will swing.

Here is a little video with snippets from her runs