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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Great 2 weeks of Agility

Well I am home now and am just catching up with editing my videos etc.
As I wrote in my last post Fozzie has qualified for Crufts 2014. Here is a video of his run, I am amazed he took the last jump. It was one hell of a run from the jumps after the A Frame to the finish, and it caught a few very good dogs out, that either ran past the last jump or turned to see where there handler was, and then consequently ran past or knocked the jump.

Little Boo had her first show at D.I.N. She was brilliant considering !!! ( more of that in a mo ) She even got a 5th place in Grade 3 Agility. Not bad for her first show, and she definitely wasn't running at her usual speed
Boo with her 5th Place rosette.

Here is a little video with highlights from all her runs.

Lastly as regards my Agility success over the fortnight was that Chip qualified for the D.I.N final with 2 x 5th places in Grade 6.
The Finals Judge was from abroad, and as such put up a very hard testing course. I got eliminated by the tunnel under A frame combination, and I believe he only actually got 2 clear rounds in the Grade 6. I know 4th place had 15 faults :-( and everyone else was eliminated !
The ground conditions were extremely slippery, and I think it was sad that the course wasn't showing the dogs off at their best :-(

Now onto why I am so amazed Boo worked as well as she did.
Her next Season was actually due mid July, so I had been checking her fairly regularly and she was showing no signs.
Last time she bled like a pig, my dogs were constantly sniffing her, and Disney is the master at telling when a bitch is coming into season. I had none of these signs. Maybe with hindsight she was peeing more and she was slightly swollen, however no bleeding or anything. On the Sunday of DIN I was packing up my caravan and Disney and Chip had a bit of a scrap. I put Chip away and at that time Boo was in the caravan with me. She was getting under my feet so I put her outside in the caravan garden with the boys and continued my clear up. About 5 minutes later I heard some squeaking noises and I assumed Boo had been raiding my van of squeaky toys. I went out to stop her and I was horror struck by what I saw. Woody was mating her. I went to grab him off, but realised he had finished and was tied to her :-(
I was in a state of complete shock,  I called Laura over to help me by phoning my friend who breeds dogs to get advice. She explained re length of time for the tie and what to expect afterwards. Poor Boo just wanted to lay down and Woody looked perplexed by his actions. Fortunately 10 minutes later they untied.

I spoke with my vet on my return. She had never heard of a dog that had been neutered 9 years before actually mating a bitch , however she had heard of bitches who had 'silent" seasons and had been caught unexpectedly whilst out on walks and so had to have the mis mate Jab.

I sort of half wished that Woody had of been entire, I would have loved one of his babies, he is the most wonderful, if not randy, dogs I know with a temperament to die for.
So fortunately no harm done, apart to my stress levels, and I bought home a little bitch who was by now flirting with every dog in the house.
At the time of me writing this I think she is coming to the end of her fertile time. Although she is still a bit flirty with Chip, she almost bit Fozzies head of when he became slightly amorous earlier. I can assure you she is not being left unattended for a second with any of my boys now.

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