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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fozzie's going to Crufts

Unbelievably Fozzie has qualified for Crufts 2014 in the Novice Cup :-)
He got through to the finals by gaining a 3rd in the qualifying rounds.
When I saw the course for the final I wasn't at all sure I would get him round it. It was a lovely very appropriate course, set by Jackie Gardener , but it had several traps that caught a lot of dogs out, and some quite tight pacing on a couple of jumps.
Fozzie had always had a funny jump style and close jumps can often catch him out.
However I played it safer and took him wider and it helped him to keep his legs up. He was a really good boy and I'm very proud of him, especially as 4 months ago I was uncertain if I would be running him again.
I ran 4th and had the first clear round, but then had the fingernail biting time waiting whilst the other 26 dogs ran. I will upload the video when I get home :-)

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  1. Well done Rosie!! Clever Fozzie! That was a lovely run!