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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Poor Chip and things

Last Thursday I decided to bath some of my dogs. So after a fabulous walk round Virginia Waters where they had spent the entire walk running in and out of the lake, I did just that.

Chip looked fantastic as he always does after a bath and thorough groom.

On the Friday Woody, Fozzie and Chip all had a chiropractor appointment . They all had to have minor things tweaked so no exercise for 48 hrs. This wasn't going to be much of a hardship considering the heatwave we are having.

Saturday morning I just took them all out on leads into the field for a short walk and toilet break and everything was fine with Chip( or so I thought) I then went out for lunch with a friend, and when I returned at about 3.30 I popped just Boo and Disney in the car and went off to meet my daughter Laura for a short walk and let the 2 dogs who were allowed exercise have a nice cool swim.

Whilst I was there Steve phoned to say he thought Chip had a dirty rear end, so when I got in at about 6.30 I duly took him into the grooming room to give him a clean up.
I was horror struck when I felt his tail. It was like a brillo pad , completely matted solid and I knew there was no way I could detangle it. Steve came out to help me as Chip was in distress and crying.
With tears in my eyes I got the scissors and cut the huge mat off, which then revealed a terrible open weeping sore. I bathed it the best I could ,because by this stage Chip was growling ( very unusual) and getting very worked up.
He seemed happier once inside, so I didn't worry unduly ( I wish I had) I didn't know what he had done. I wondered if he had burnt it somehow( dont know how) or got something caustic on it ?? I just didn't know never having seen this type of thing before.

The next morning when I came downstairs a horrible smell greeted me. It was coming from Chips tail and when I looked I could see the pus. Chip would not let me anywhere near him to have a proper look, but I knew something just wasn't right.

I contacted my Vet but she was on holiday, but she adviced urgent treatment from what I had described,so I phoned the emergency vet who told me to come down in half hr.

Even with me holding Chip like a vice, he would not let my Vet look at it, let alone clip the area.
There was no choice but to have him put completely out :-(
It was then clipped and the extent of the damage could be seen (as you will see on the photo)

I was horrified and terribly upset, especially when the Vet said if I had waited till the morning ( like I had originally planned) Chip could have possibly lost his tail !! It was still very touch and go because of the extent of the damage.
It turned out to be a hotspot gone mad. Apparently hotspots, or wet Eczema or Dermatitis can go from almost nothing to a huge area in a few hours if left untreated.
Chip had a steroid jab and left with Fuciderm cream and antibiotics.

Here we are 4 days later and it has started to dry up. No more redness, just lots of scabs. He is almost impossible to treat as he is a real bucking bronco when I try to apply the cream and clean the area. I sit him in a bath of salt water in the morning and let that soak for 5 minutes, but because it makes so much of the area wet and damp, which is to be avoided at all costs, I then have to be extra careful to dry him thoroughly .. another task in itself !! So once a day is all that I'm doing this regime for, and the rest of the time I am trying to hibiscrub as best I can.

The biggest problem for Chip is the shaved hair. The stubble bits are catching the longer strands of hair that are left and pulling. He's always been an absolute whuz whens he's had anything clipped. He wouldn't walk properly for about a week after he was castrated :-(
So I think this has put paid to his media career for quite some time, unless its front views of him. Once his coat starts to grow back, and fingers crossed it does on the scars, I will trim the rest of his tail ( whats left) down..
His lovely tail coat  :-(

Taken on the vets table :-(

However on a brighter note is Boo's training. The past 2 weeks have seen a bit of a turn around and she has worked really well despite the heat. No sign of her season and its been exactly 6 months to the day now since her first one.
She's on the Evening Primrose Oil so maybe that is helping, hoping to get some video of her soon :-)

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