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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mixed Feelings

After my last very up beat post, things have started to spiral downwards.

Boo started to switch off, go slowly, be distracted and her dogwalk speed declined,  and she also refused to do the seesaw. I have no idea why and how all this started ,but after one training session I came in feeling very demoralised :-(
I assumed it could be because her second season was looming,  but coupled with the fact that Fozzie was hurt and Chips wrist was an uncertainty, I honestly felt just like packing agility up. I had definitely lost my mojo and couldn't see how to get it back under the circumstances.

Facebook can be a wonderful thing, and after writing a post saying how down I felt ,I got a huge amount of support from people. Most suggested I had some time off. Well as it happened fate paid a hand and I did.
I decided I wasn't going to work the boys until they had been well rested, had seen the Physio who did the thermal imaging, and had been seen by my lovely Chiropractor.  The first 2 have been achieved  but they dont see the Chiro till this Friday.

I then had a week of filming with Woody for another series of Gigglebiz on CBeebies, which meant no training and no Lansdown show, and then I had a glorious week away in Devon. So all in all they( and me) have all had about 4 weeks off from training.

However just before I went to Devon, I did do some little bits in the field with Boo on her Dogwalk and Seesaw. After a conversation with a lovely friend/trainer I have decided to definitely try teaching Boo a running Dogwalk during winter. I think Boo is too much of a thinker and worrier, and possibly the stopping on the contacts is causing her to maybe worry too much, hence the slow down plank. I really do think I am a really crap contact trainer ,as all my dogs have had issues with the down plank on the Dogwalk :-(
Chips is fantastic now, but its taken 5-6 years to get it that good.

I do not intend to change her Dogwalk contact criteria this side of September, as she is due to start competing in August( seasons allowing) so I am just continuing with the stop. So I got the manners minder out again and tried using this. She was great whilst I was on my own practicing, but I asked my trainer to give me a 10 minute 1 to 1 in my field, and when we put the Manners Minder into a sequence she went all slow and ploddy again !!! Dont ask me why ??
I am LOVING doing the running Aframe. She is loving it and I am loving the no stress of worrying about her contact position. Her success rate is really good and she is now coming slightly lower into the contact area. Here is her Dogwalk just over a week ago.

So tonight was Boo's first full lesson back for 4 weeks. I was really pleased with her. Her dogwalk was OK. In actual fact one was bloody brilliant, but she almost lost her footing going over and I thought she was going to come off, but she regained her balance, flew to the end, grabbed her placed ball ( after doing a lovely ( unplanned running down plank..lol) and proceeded to do a jubilant circle of the field with her ball in her mouth. I just had to laugh...she's so damned cute.
She refused the seesaw, so I had to stand at the end and pursued her up with food, but everything else was really nice and I was a happy bunny again :-) I started her on Evening Primrose oil 2 weeks ago, and apparently its brilliant for sorting hormones out, so maybe this is why she feels better ??

All being well at the end of this week I am going to my first show for 4 weeks as well at Cranleigh showground.
Chip only has one run and Fozzie has 3. However the weather has been scorching and we have more really hot temperatures due this weekend. All their runs are mid to late afternoon, and I wont run my dogs if its too hot. Also they may not be able to anyway if they have to have treatment from Marisa ( my Chiro)

I went my best friend Janes in Devon last week. I had a fabulous time and we did some lovely walks. I also took my camera and white background to take some photos of her dogs to update a previous picture. Jane suggested I bath Boo whilst there so she could help me get an updated Boo portrait as her last one was when she was 8 months old. I am thrilled with the result, although these are before I've done any editing and brightened the background etc.
Lovely Boo

What a difference 8 months makes

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