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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fozzie and Chip at Agility Club Show.

Last Weekend I went to the AgilityClub at Ardingly. I don't tend to record many of my older dogs runs nowadays, as its always so difficult finding someone willing to hang around whilst I queue etc to run my dogs. However this weekend on the Sunday Laura was there with her friend. He was happy to record some of the runs if he was around. Luckily he got these 2 rounds from Chip and Fozzie. It was a Grade 5-6 Agility class,  I had always wondered how the boys compared speed wise as they have such different jumping styles. If they have ever been in the same class, which is rare, one or other gets eliminated , so to get video and times where they both went clear is amazing. I was absolutely astonished to find that they did in fact have exactly the same times !!!! Both did it in 35.41 seconds !!! However Chip was 35.418 and Fozzie 35.413, a fraction of a second faster.
Chip was just out of the places in Grade 6 , whereas Fozzie came 6th in Grade 5 :-)

Next week we are off to the KC Festival and then on to D.I.N. Where all being well Boo makes her debut :-)

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