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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chips Tail

Fantastic recovery from Chip. His tail has completely healed, scabs have gone and I just have to be patient now for his fur to grow. I realise this is probably going to take a year to be back to anything like it was, but hey ho .
At this moment in time I would just like it to get to a length that isn't prickly for him. This is the thing thats causing him most upset at the moment :-( Reluctantly I cut a bit more coat off so it wasn't catching so much,but he's still walking sideways occasionally. I have been massaging coconut oil into his tail twice a day. For 2 reasons, one being the massage stimulates the hair follicles and so will help a little with hair growth,and two the oil is keeping the skin/hair very soft and supple. He also enjoys me doing this now too.
Today has been the first day since the problem started thats he's not worn his "cone of shame"
I have given him a lovely bath in Episoothe and have let him be without his cone. I will probably still put it on at night or when I go out until the hair stops worrying him, as it keeps drawing his attention to the area.
Here is a photo I took a couple of days ago , showing the remarkable healing.

Fantastic recovery :-)

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