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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Boo at Nancy Hudson Training July '13

We had a training afternoon today with Nancy Hudson. I was a little concerned about doing 3 hrs with Boo, especially with the very warm weather, and with her not being quite so "up" for it. It actually turned out slightly cooler, but was still warm.

Nancy is a fabulous trainer and very observant as to what we do right and wrong. Sometimes at these training days I feel like a real beginner :-( You would have thought after nearly 20 years of doing agility with 6 previous dogs, I'd know what I was doing now, but every dog is different and handling skills change over the years. However some habits are soooo hard to get rid of. The constant words coming out of my mouth, One tunnel command would be ok, as would a single go on, but I just cant help myself..lol

Boo was actually quite good. I keep thinking she is slow, but maybe as this is the first time I've had a small dog, maybe thats why she feels so different.

I was pleased with how she coped in a strange field on strange equipment especially the weaves. I knew she would hesitate on the Dogwalk. So far every different dog walk she has seen, she does the same. I was actually amazed she actually went straight up it. She did however go under jumps on a couple of occasions :-(

After the last run you see, I put her away and got Chip out. I wanted to end on a high and when she was being a good girl.

Maybe her first show in August wont be such a disaster after all.

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