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Saturday, June 22, 2013

June update

Well Boo is now 16 mths old and her first show is entered....gulp !
However she may not be able to actually do it because her first season is due at the end of July :-(
She has only had one season so it will depend on her cycle. I am praying she holds off for a couple of months, but my friend has told me smaller dogs can sometimes have shorter cycles . If this happens although she will have finished by her first show, going on last time, she will probably go right off the boil because of her hormones. What will be will be .

She has now been measured and she is officially medium. She literally was less than 1/2" over the small height. I am disappointed for her as she will now have to be running against the speedy collies. However I have just started to put her over medium jumps and at least she doesn't seem to struggle.

She continues to amaze me , we're putting together sequences now, and she is doing stuff I didn't think she could. I really must get someone to video her at training. I possibly wont be a club for a couple of weeks now as next week Woody is filming "Gigglebiz" again and the following week I am down at my friends in Devon, so when we come back I will ask someone to video again.

I put together a little trailer of Boo tonight, It makes me grin watching it.

Chip had an Xray last week. He's been licking his left front wrist on and off for over a year now. He's also had just a couple of incidents of lameness. I know he has weak pasterns and because of this I have been putting wrist supports on for training and competition.
However last week I discussed it with my vet and we decided that we should maybe xray in case we are missing something. The good news is he doesn't have much arthritis in his wrists or feet, but he does have some changes going on which is called " a periosteal reaction "
Fortunately Chip has the solid form mentioned, so they think its been caused by an infection or injury as apposed to a tumour, possibly the result of his very first lameness ?

Next week we are going to have thermal imaging done to see if it can show more. Apparently thermal imaging is a fantastic diagnostic tool and can often show muscle tears, ligament injuries etc.
Here is another link explaining about Thermal imaging 

Whilst there we are going to also look at Fozzie. I want to have his rear leg looked at to either help me relax a little more about him or worse case scenario make me worry like heck !!
He had a very funny incidence last week at training. He was on fire. he was going so well he forgot himself on the seesaw and kept self releasing. On the second occasion I called him back to put him back over it and he acted really strange. he was really quiet, walked to me slowly and then kept laying down as if he was uncomfortable , he was licking his lips and wasn't showing any interest in the other dogs working . If you know Fozzie then you would know that this is totally uncharacteristic  However he wasn't limping at all. I sat down with him and someone though his neck was tight, so we massaged him and within 5-10 minutes he had perked right up and stated to bark and go mad at whoever was working. Obviously I didn't work him again and haven't since. So I will get Helen to look at him too.

So after next Tuesday I may have some answers. I am hoping it is good news for them both, however I am nervous that it may be the end of both their agility careers if something awful is found. Part of me wants to bury my head in the sand and not look for problems and part of me wants to sure my dogs are well and sound and can continue jumping for quite a while longer.
Helen is a physio as well, so if she finds anything at least she can advice on proper management.

I will update this blog with photos from her and her results.

To finish off here are some lovely pics I took this week of my extra special boys :-)

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