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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Introducing V weaves

Well the channel is down to 1" with the entry and exit poles slightly wider.
She has slowed down a lot as she has to concentrate more. This was to be expected, and I'm not at all worried because I know her speed will increase again as soon as she is sure what she has to do :-)
She has the jump action through the weaves which I find strange. However being a small dog I think it highly improbable that she would use the swim action. I have looks at several videos on YouTube of small dogs doing the weaves and I would say all, if not most, have the jump action through the weaves.

I've decided to introduce the V weaves now as well. I thought it time that Boo got used to having the metal work .
My channel weaves are stick in the ground ones so there is nothing for the dogs to feel with their feet.

As I expected Boo didn't like this and also didn't recognise a different set of weaves.
So I angled to weaves out more than I had planned to so as to make it easier for her whilst she got accustomed to them.

It took a few slow attempts before she understood and would go through happily.

I only did a couple of repetitions once she got it right and we finished on a high.

The weather looks grim for the next few days so unfortunately I'm not sure how much weave practice I'll get in :-(

Now she is on the V weaves I don't want to leave it too long till I angle them up gradually. This is a big mistake that I have made and I know others have made as well.
They get left as fairly wide weaves for a good while and then
the dogs find it harder to do uprights.


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