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Thursday, May 23, 2013

HOORAY..Boo is weaving

I wrote back on the 30th April that I had started to train Boo's weaves in earnest, and I planned to have her weaving by the end of May. I thought I was being very optimistic to be truthful. Well I am overjoyed to say she is in fact upright weaving a week sooner than I had ever hoped for :-)
She has been the easiest dog of mine to teach the weaves. We hardly had any hiccups along the way, apart from having to use the manners minder for a couple of sessions to get her to focus forward. Well that wasn't really a hiccup as such either.

I think what has helped is the fact I have been able to get out and train her for at least 5 minutes every day since I started. I moved the weaves in methodically and fairly quickly so she didn't get used to them being angled out for too long. This is where I went wrong with Fozzie last time.

Her running Aframe is coming on really nicely too. I think I am getting a 90% success rate at the moment when she does it on its own. However when it is put into a sequence the success rate drops down a little. However as everyone has said , its such fun teaching it.

Here are a couple of videos. One of the completed weaves and one of her running Aframe

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