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Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting there :-)

The weaves are now only about 1.5" apart .
Boo didn't really have any problems with me moving them in gradually and she hardly noticed. I start each session on the previous width that she was successful at, and after a couple of repeats I move them in half an inch.
However once we got to this stage she did start to skip weaves and come out early at the end :-(
If I threw the toy she wouldn't concentrate and just came out early to get her toy and self rewarded. Obviously I didn't want this to happen too many times, so I tried to hold off the throw till she was at the end, this also didn't work because she then looked at me at about the 8th weave waiting for me to throw, and then consequently also coming out.

So out came my trusty Manners Minder which I used initially for her contact training.

Bingo !

At first she was much slower and more thoughtful but I wasn't worried about this as long as she completed the weaves successfully.
Using the Manners Minder I was able to just reward the correct weaves with me being no where near her. If she came out early I just didn't release the food.
She wasn't worried about the non reward, it just made her try harder next time, as you will see on the video.
I will re introduce the toy when she is confident on her job :-)

I think by the end of next week I may have to bring in the V weaves for the final transition to straight line. Now Boo is actually moving her body she is moving the weaves each time she goes in and they become a bit wobbly. The ground is hard so just once through and she's made the weaves loose. I havent been worried about this as I feel its probably helped her a little, but by the time the weaves are just half an inch apart I think she can manage the rigid V weaves.......we shall see !!

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