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Thursday, May 23, 2013

HOORAY..Boo is weaving

I wrote back on the 30th April that I had started to train Boo's weaves in earnest, and I planned to have her weaving by the end of May. I thought I was being very optimistic to be truthful. Well I am overjoyed to say she is in fact upright weaving a week sooner than I had ever hoped for :-)
She has been the easiest dog of mine to teach the weaves. We hardly had any hiccups along the way, apart from having to use the manners minder for a couple of sessions to get her to focus forward. Well that wasn't really a hiccup as such either.

I think what has helped is the fact I have been able to get out and train her for at least 5 minutes every day since I started. I moved the weaves in methodically and fairly quickly so she didn't get used to them being angled out for too long. This is where I went wrong with Fozzie last time.

Her running Aframe is coming on really nicely too. I think I am getting a 90% success rate at the moment when she does it on its own. However when it is put into a sequence the success rate drops down a little. However as everyone has said , its such fun teaching it.

Here are a couple of videos. One of the completed weaves and one of her running Aframe

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday Disney

My special boy is 15 today, Where has the time gone ?
Happy Boy

Having a roll in the freshly mown grass

Whats that ?

He's off

4 Straight weaves.....Almost there :-)

I have increased the training to 2 small 5 minute sessions a day now as we are getting very near to straight line weaves .
Over the last 2 days I have moved the angled weaves in very carefully and have now started to straighten the middle ones, one by one. I have now got the middle 4 straight.
She does skip out sometimes and is worse on my left.. strangely ??
However I am very very happy with her progress and hopefully she will be weaving a complete 12 weave set straight line within the week :-)

I thought I would post a slightly different movie this time. This made me smile :-)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Introducing V weaves

Well the channel is down to 1" with the entry and exit poles slightly wider.
She has slowed down a lot as she has to concentrate more. This was to be expected, and I'm not at all worried because I know her speed will increase again as soon as she is sure what she has to do :-)
She has the jump action through the weaves which I find strange. However being a small dog I think it highly improbable that she would use the swim action. I have looks at several videos on YouTube of small dogs doing the weaves and I would say all, if not most, have the jump action through the weaves.

I've decided to introduce the V weaves now as well. I thought it time that Boo got used to having the metal work .
My channel weaves are stick in the ground ones so there is nothing for the dogs to feel with their feet.

As I expected Boo didn't like this and also didn't recognise a different set of weaves.
So I angled to weaves out more than I had planned to so as to make it easier for her whilst she got accustomed to them.

It took a few slow attempts before she understood and would go through happily.

I only did a couple of repetitions once she got it right and we finished on a high.

The weather looks grim for the next few days so unfortunately I'm not sure how much weave practice I'll get in :-(

Now she is on the V weaves I don't want to leave it too long till I angle them up gradually. This is a big mistake that I have made and I know others have made as well.
They get left as fairly wide weaves for a good while and then
the dogs find it harder to do uprights.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting there :-)

The weaves are now only about 1.5" apart .
Boo didn't really have any problems with me moving them in gradually and she hardly noticed. I start each session on the previous width that she was successful at, and after a couple of repeats I move them in half an inch.
However once we got to this stage she did start to skip weaves and come out early at the end :-(
If I threw the toy she wouldn't concentrate and just came out early to get her toy and self rewarded. Obviously I didn't want this to happen too many times, so I tried to hold off the throw till she was at the end, this also didn't work because she then looked at me at about the 8th weave waiting for me to throw, and then consequently also coming out.

So out came my trusty Manners Minder which I used initially for her contact training.

Bingo !

At first she was much slower and more thoughtful but I wasn't worried about this as long as she completed the weaves successfully.
Using the Manners Minder I was able to just reward the correct weaves with me being no where near her. If she came out early I just didn't release the food.
She wasn't worried about the non reward, it just made her try harder next time, as you will see on the video.
I will re introduce the toy when she is confident on her job :-)

I think by the end of next week I may have to bring in the V weaves for the final transition to straight line. Now Boo is actually moving her body she is moving the weaves each time she goes in and they become a bit wobbly. The ground is hard so just once through and she's made the weaves loose. I havent been worried about this as I feel its probably helped her a little, but by the time the weaves are just half an inch apart I think she can manage the rigid V weaves.......we shall see !!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Weaves 6 days later :-)

I'm sorry to bore everyone re Boo's weave training, but this is mainly for my records to look back on.
As I said previously I am being methodical( almost anal) about her weave training.

I am now taking a measure with me and when I reduce the distance, its not guesswork its exact.
Today we went done to 3.5" and Boo is coping well. She has started to just wiggle a bit in the weaves.
The next stages are the most difficult. I am sure we will have some hiccups along the way.

I have now added tunnels/jumps before and after the weaves sometimes so she has to really think about her entries :-)

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Real Progress :-)

I wrote a couple of days ago about Boo's weave training ,and I just wanted to continue with a snippet about her other progress.

All of a sudden everything seems to be coming together and I am so pleased with her.
Yesterday she totally surprised me by going on over several jumps into a curved tunnel without even once glancing at me. I am a little hampered at the moment with a sore leg, so I am so pleased she could :-)

All in all I am a very happy person :-)
Heres a little vid of yesterday performance. Thank you Peter for videoing.