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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weave training

Well the weather is great, I have given my field its first cut and my weave training is going to start in earnest now.

This time once I get started I want to do a little every day for about 5 minutes, keeping it fun and motivated.

Having classes and the field being used for 2 consecutive days means I can't do this easily, as I have to move the channel weaves out of the way :-(

I hope by the end of May( if not before ) to have Boo weaving properly. I then have approx 2 months to get her reasonably competent before I compete....GULP.

There is a small video at the end of this which I did on Sunday evening. The weaves are approx 6.5 " apart in the video and the following day I narrowed them to 6"

Each day I do them I keep them at the previous days width for a couple of repetitions and then narrow then my 0.5" . I then repeat all the exercises ( as in the video) on the new width. If she has a problem I just simplify it a bit until she is confident again.

 I dont want to make the same mistake I made with Fozzie and that was keeping the weaves at too wide a space for too long.
All my other dogs before Fozzie I did what I plan to do with Boo, and that is do it daily and get the weaves in methodically.

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