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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Boo update

Boo is now 13 mths.
She had her first season in January and up till then her training was going really well. However by the middle/end of February she had started to have a phantom pregnancy and went really down and quiet. I got quite deflated about it all, as it affected her work
However we have now got to 9 wks post season and she is just starting to come back up. I feel there is still more to come back, but over the last 3 days she has started to really perk up.
Bearing this in mind I now think its looking unlikely I will breed from her, but I will see how she is after her next season.
I started her on Evening primrose oil and Raspberry leaf tablets about 4 wks after she had finished her season and I have been told that was a little too late. I was also advised to give her homeopathic Pulsitilla , but once again I got it too late. Next time I will start these things immediately she comes into season and see if it makes a difference.
Here is a little video that was taken on Thursday and Friday of her obedience and agility.

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