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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Boo Agility training update

Boo has now started proper Agility Classes. She has done a fair mount of foundation work and now the real work starts :-)

She has also had her first season. This was at the end of January and it wasn't quite such a trial as I had imagined, although it wasn't a bed of roses either.
I have noticed in the last week or so, she has become a little quieter and not quite so enthusiastic so I hope she's not going to phantom. The one bad thing is she has become even more possessive over things and has become a little bit stroppy with other dogs. I am praying its because her hormones are all over the place. It seems to be more so when I have her on the lead and she is either playing with me or I have food, and if another dog approaches she is not amused !!!
Off lead she is absolutely fine unless they pester her by sticking their noses up her bottom , then she lets them know that she isn't amused...fair enough :-)

Here are some videos taken over the last 2 weeks of her agility.

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