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Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Updates

Firstly I just wanted to post these pics of Boo. She's 6 mths old now and seriously cute. She just gets more adorable all the time.
Next month we hope to start some puppy foundation agility training, and she also starts her formal obedience classes, I cant believe how quickly the time is going.

The good news is Disney has now accepted her and they can be in the same room. Whilst we were away at our fortnight agility shows, they were running around in the caravan garden all day. Boo once came face to face with Disney and he just gave her a little warning. It was just enough to remind her.
The next day he tried to play with her, She was totally confused by this. He was bouncing on top of her, play bowing etc etc. She just didn't know what to do , I'm sure she though he was going to attack her at any minute, she behaved very submissively, which was good :-) I could kick myself for not having my phone with me so I could take some video.

I will be surprised if Boo makes it unharmed by her 1st birthday. What with her scare last month jumping of the wall, she has now tried to get out of the caravan garden twice and somersaulted over the fence and landed on her neck, she just got up shook and carried on as if nothing had happened. She tied herself up around my legs pulling me over on top of her. She can almost jump onto our work surfaces and obviously the only way off is to fall I guess :-((.. I certainly know I've got her , shes such a daredevil !


We went to KC Festival and DIN . Its the annual 2 week jaunt. The weather was just perfect, in fact a bit too hot. We always go to the KC Festival a couple of days early to help set up and book in. It means we have longer there to enjoy the break. They had to move the Festival right at the last minute to Rockingham Castle in Corby.  Kelmarsh Hall , where it should have been, was completely unusable due to an event that had been held there the weekend before.
No one knew what to expect of Rockingham , but it turned out to be fantastic. Beautiful views, excellent walking and altogether a lovely atmosphere.
View at Rockingham Castle

The exercise area

However poor Woody wasn't running right. He had hurt himself on a tyre the week before at the Agilityclub , and he had been put right by my chiropractor, however clearly he still wasn't 100%. Fortunately Sara was at the show and parked 2 rows up. She is a canine massage therapist. She worked on Woody and also he had ultrasound treatment. We felt it best if he didn't run for the rest of the weekend :-(

Fozzie wasn't working at all well ,and he got worse over the week ( more on that later). He is just not focused at all. His mind is clearly elsewhere :-( He didn't get one clear round at KCF.

Chip was actually working really well. I got some excellent start line waits from him , but unfortunately he either had poles down or had pilot error..lol

On to Dogs in Need.
On the day off at D.I.N

Woody had another Massage there and he felt much better so I worked him. What a difference. His first 4 runs were clear. Sadly not quick enough for a high place, so he didn't make the final this year.

Fozzie was well... totally DIRE. On one run he actually wouldn't even look at me, he was focussed on a dog outside the ring. I almost couldn't get him into the ring. He did 3 jumps correctly and a contact and then proceeded to take his own line out of the ring to sniff....Grrrrrr !!!!
I actually went back to the caravan and immediately phoned my vets to book him in on Monday for a castration, but my lovely vet was off for a few days, so I decided to leave it. He's now booked in for the first Monday in October !!
The next day he almost did an ok run, but even then as he was actually running he put his nose to the ground, I am surprised he didn't do a head over heals !!

On the last day I used a different tactic. I tied him up away from me so he would be more focussed on me rather than the ground. I didn't get him till I was actually on the start line. Well he was actually amazing and managed to come 2nd in Grade 5 agility...Whoo Hoo.

Chip continued to do really well. There were some tricky courses, but he was focussed and listening. Sadly a fault in nearly all 8 classes :-( The best news is he has a 2-3 jump wait now. I wont be letting him lose it now I can assure you.

At D.I.N Laura joined us with Rupert. Rupert was brilliant , but struggled with the weaves all week. On the last day Laura decided that she would stop Rupert before the weaves, get him in the right position and make sure he did them. This worked and resulted in a clear round, however it cost him about 3 seconds in time. They actually came 3rd and was only 2 seconds behind the winner. However Laura was overjoyed to be bringing home Ruperts first trophy :-)
Here is also a compilation video of his runs and his 3rd place run

The climax of the week was once again the agility all stars entertainment. I along with 5 others did a Morris dance. It was highly amusing :-) We were indeed honoured to be performing alongside Ashleigh and Pudsey , as they had agreed to perform their semi final act. Earlier in the week Boo had had a fantastic time playing with Pudsey, he was soo gentle with her.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Show News etc

Last weekend we had our first show for quite a few weeks. The wet weather conditions has meant that many shows have been cancelled because of ground conditions. It was touch and go as to whether the Agility Club show would go ahead, but the Monday beforehand everything was given the go ahead. I was judging Grade 3 Jumping on the Sunday so I only had one day of competing,but more exciting was the fact that it was Lauras dog Ruperts first show.
He was fab. He was a little hesitant in his first 2 classes , Laura put him in a wait and when she released him he stood there ( it seemed like an eternity ) before he started.
Rupert has only really been straight line weaving for 3 weeks so it was the weaves he had problems with. Laura was also extremely nervous and rather than stand back and let him get the entry she just ran towards them. She realised after what she had done, but nerves got the better of her.
I have posted a little video of him in action.

His next show is Dogs in Need in 2 weeks, so fingers crossed.

BOO update

Boo is coming on beautifully. She is still a total joy and is still a really naughty noisy puppy. Her enthusiasm and happiness makes me laugh . I have started doing some "proper formal" obedience with her now and she starts competition obedience lessons next month. I could join now, but with the holidays imminent I decided to wait till September and just continue doing bits at home with her and also once a week at club.

She knows her close position now and can do a short burst of nice heelwork. She does a lovely recall, her wait is getting there, and her hold on the dumbell is really nice. She will switch from titbits to toys with no problem and will work equally well for both. My biggest problem is her offering behaviours :-) So I'll ask her for a sit and she will offer a beg or a left turn etc. I just smile..she's so damn cute.

My biggest upset with her has been her registered name. Her name Monster Inc was approved by the Kennel Club and on 1st June I got her registration certificate. I was totally shocked on Monday just gone ,when I received a letter from the kennel club saying that they had received an objection from someone about her name being similar to their dog, and so therefore I had to choose another name. 

My hairy dogs names have always been connected with cartoon/kiddies tv/films and the reason I named her Boo was because of the film Monster Inc, so you can imagine how I felt. 

Apparently it was because I posted her approved kennel name on here( this blog) that it was picked up. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't mentioned it. It could have so easily not been noticed till I had maybe entered her in the future at Agility Shows and she would have been over 18mths by then !!

So I hastily had to come up with another KC name. The first 2 I asked for were also taken :-( By now I  was getting really fed up. In the end I settled for second best, and its nothing to do with a film/TV :-(( I am now really reluctant to post it again, just in case once again its picked up as a similar name.