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Saturday, December 29, 2012

End of the year

Thought I'd do a little round up of 2012.

Its been a year of highs and lows as regards the dogs and training. The low points are that Fozzie was injured at the beginning of 2012 and then again at the end of 2012.
The weather was terrible early in the year so it took me a long time to get him fit at the start of the agility season, however once he was up and running he was jumping just fine ,but his concentration was really awful , so in September he was castrated. Its hard to say if its made a difference to his work ethic because he hurt himself again just before the castration and hasn't really worked properly since :-(

Woody also had a varied year. At the beginning of the year I thought I would be retiring him. He had started to measure and I was getting upset to see him like it. However after some sessions with Marisa my Chiropractor and also some massage work he started to compete really well and actually got to an end of show Finals in June.
However it spiralled downhill after this and by August /Sept he was measuring again. Then at the beginning of December he was clearly in some sort of pain. Xrays confirmed he has spondylitis, so at aged 10years exactly I have decided to retire him from full height competition. I may enter him in some any size classes where dogs jump at 15" or lower. I will just wait and see how he is next spring.
He is 100% fine again now thanks once again to Marisa my great Chiropractor .

Chip has had a good year. He has had some great places in Grade 6 and has been working well all year. However he too has had a couple of minor lameness issues, so this too is a worry :-(

Disney bless him is still doing great. Loving his long walks and enjoying life. However in the last 2 weeks we are having some serious issues in the pack relationship at home.
Chip has started to attack Disney( unprovoked) which is really horrible. I have today taken Disney to the vets where he has been thoroughly checked over. His sight isn't as good as it was, he's deaf or nearly totally so. however he has no arthritis and is a sound dog still, my vet continues to be amazed at how good he looks.
He's had blood tests and this may show if there is an underlying problem causing Chips sudden aggression towards him. However I think, as does my vet,  thats its a hierarchy issue, If in the wild it would be survival of the fittest.
At the moment and probably for the rest of Disneys life they will be kept as separate as possible.

The high of the year was Boo's unexpected arrival. She has brightened my life immensely  She makes me smile every day.
Her early training is showing potential, and as she is now almost 11 mths old serious agility training can soon start.
The weather has been atrocious so I have invested in a little indoor training dog walk contact. I can at least now do 5 minutes every other day indoors. As with everything I do with Boo's training, it has to be very upbeat.
I made the decision to do a stop and go contact on the dog walk. I was originally using a toy placed at the end with her on lead. I have now introduced the manners minder to keep her focussed ahead. I am getting distance training from Natasha Wise...lol. She is viewing my videos and giving me feedback as the weather has meant no training sessions/days for quite a while.

Here are a couple of videos. One of Boo's indoor contacts and one of all my guys out on a walk, taken before Chip started to terrorise Disney :-(


  1. Hello Rosie. I found your blog whilst I was researching my new puppy....a chocolate mini poodle x Border collie cross. There are so few images of grown dogs on-line, so I'm really grateful for all the images / videos you've made available. My pup (who is called.....Rosie!) is only 9 weeks old. Have you / could you post some images of your dogs as pups? I'm fascinated to know how Rosie will develop!
    It appears that the degree and style of clipping can really change their look. I think Rosie's dad (Rin Tin Tin...you can look him up) is less straight haired than Disney's sire?
    However she turns out, you've opened my eyes to what these dogs are capable of.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Peter
    Thanks for your comment. If you give me your email address I will send you some pics. I think I know where you got your puppy from. I know some from the previous
    mating if I am correct
    Disneys Dad was a Border Collie and Mum the min poodle.
    I am pretty sure yours will end up more like Woody ?? But it's hard to tell. None of my others have been clipped , they are just naturally hairy.

  3. Thanks Rosie. Very kind. Can you use puppy@hohobird.com
    My Rosie was from Nantwich if that is the ad you've seen. Her parentage is the reverse of Disney.
    Thanks again.