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Monday, November 05, 2012

Boo Foundation Agility & Fozzie update

Boo has actually managed to find some puppy foundation classes and what could be better than they are next door to me :-)

I was beginning to despair of ever finding anywhere to train her, and then I had a brain wave. One of the people I teach has a puppy of roughly the same age as Boo and she had already asked me about puppy classes. I have done 2 puppy foundation classes in the past and Addy came to one of them with her previous dog "Inky" . I had considered doing a class myself and training Boo in the class, but I felt that wouldn't work as I couldn't really concentrate on Boo and teach others as well.
Then another lady who I also teach got a puppy and was also wondering where to train.So I approached a friend who is a wonderful trainer and handler and asked her if she'd be prepared to do a small puppy foundation class in my field. She agreed only if she could invite someone she knew with a puppy and that we'd have no more than 4 puppies as she felt she wanted to give everyone quality time without rushing. Sorted :-))
There were a couple of other people I knew that had puppies and were also desperate for classes so I felt guilty not to be able to give them an invite, but I had to respect my friends wishes.

The 4 puppies are all roughly the same age, give or take a month, and are all small/medium breeds.

We are building on strong foundations and not taking things too quickly.
One thing we all had to have was a clear idea of what contact method we wanted,  the dogs had to have knowledge of a clicker , and we are never allowed to say "no" or show negative thoughts to the pups even when things go wrong. Its totally my philosophy anyway so I was more than happy.

Before the classes started I took Boo on a training morning with Toni Dawkins, and she showed me she is certainly going to enjoy agility. That's all I want from her, I have no pre conceived expectations from her and I am just going to enjoy another training challenge.

Her height is swinging from one day being just small ,to the next going just into medium, so we will see. She's a diddy little thing, my little Bridgette the Midget :-)

Here is a little video of some of her foundation work that I took today


Well after a few days rest Fozzie was no better and in fact was slightly worse on his leg/foot and he yelped on 2 occasions when his leg was moved. I spoke with Emily ( my Vet) and she  said that if there was no improvement in a few days we should really do an xray to rule out any broken bones and also whilst he was sedated she could manipulate him and check for any cruciate or Patella problem.
Fozzie went in 5 days later and had the Xray, she could find no broken bones or cruciate problems but he was clearly sore.
She said she could refer him from an MRI, but we both agreed on conservative treatment for a couple of weeks first.
So he had 2 weeks complete rest and anti inflammatories with just 4-5 mins of lead walk to toilet. It was hard work keeping him quiet and making sure the rest of my family didn't let him out accidentally so he could get up the stairs. I felt so guilty leaving him at home when I took the other dogs out :-(

Then last week Chip hurt his wrist whilst training. I was so depressed and really thought my agility days were over until Boo comes out next August. However Chip was fine the next day, I did however keep him quiet for a couple of days( just in case)

Anyway 5 days after Fozzie finished all his medications I took him to see my wonderful Chiropractor Marisa.
Originally she was quite concerned with his symptoms, but once she examined him she found a problem. His pelvis was very tilted and his lower back was in an S shape.
She cant say why it was like this, but thinks when Fozzie hurt his foot he also twisted his body, the anaesthetic for his castration would have relaxed everything ,and possibly didn't help which is why he seemed worse after the castration.
She has put him all right and I then had another 4 days of keeping him quiet. I started of just extending his lead walks and then yesterday he went off lead for the first time. I put Boo and Woody on the lead whilst he is off so they cant charge around together. Chip is very sedate on walks as is Disney so they are no problem.
Today Fozzie had about 15/20 minutes off lead. He didn't run around too much but obviously did more than he was doing on the lead. At the time of writing all seems well.
I take him back to Marisa next week, and then if everything is still ok I can start re introducing him to low jumps and start him on some massage...Fingers tightly crossed.

Here are a few of pictures I took of him today on his walk..Handsome boy :-)

Now onto dear Disney. We are becoming increasingly worried about him. He's 14.5 yrs old now and becoming quite senile. He seems to have strange moments and acts quite bizarre. He wants to be anywhere other than where he is and then when he gets there wants to come out. He is also trying to dig holes either in the carpet or in the earth outside ! He has also suddenly decided he doesn't want to sleep in our bedroom. He cries to get out and is clearly distressed. He's slept upstairs with us for over 13 yrs but something has spooked him and he just can't settle. So we are leaving all the doors open and letting him decide where he wants to go. He has also had a few accidents indoors so sadly his age is beginning to show :-((

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