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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

October update.

Oops its been quite a while since I have done an update on Boo and the boys.

She's almost 8 mths old now and hopefully will be starting some puppy agility foundation classes. I have done so little with her as regards agility foundation work. I just don't know where the time has gone. Fozzie by her age had already completed a basic foundation class, but all I've done with Boo is some ground work, waits, turns and a bit of wobble board.
I was pretty sure that she would stay small, however in the last month or so she has grown just a little and now the measure just swings a little on her, so I fear sadly she is actually going to be a very small medium.

She has started her formal obedience classes and I am delighted with her attitude. Here is a little video of her

So we have exciting times ahead I hope. I have decided this time to try a running contact with her on the Aframe and a stop on the dog walk.

She is still very naughty and very noisy. She is still having some odd accidents indoors, but she has mastered the dog door now and if she's near to it she uses it every time. However if she is in the lounge, she sometimes forgets. However her bladder control is now excellent and she can hold it for as long as 10 hrs overnight. I haven't had an accident in her crate for months.

So onto the boys.
The shows have been a mixed bag. Chip has at long last mastered his wait. Its been an uphill battle but we have got there. I have had some lovely work from him and some nice places as well. I have got some videos but I have been very lax at editing them and putting them on youtube.

Fozzie redeemed himself for the last few shows of the year and put in some lovely "if only" runs. Just a pole down on two courses , that if that had not happened he'd have won :-(

The last show of the year was Southdowns . Beautiful venue and a lovely show. Fozzie worked his little socks off and I was delighted with him.  I had booked him in to be castrated on the Monday after the show so I decided to still go ahead.

After the last run , Jennie (who I'd travelled with) and I decided to take the dogs for a nice run before we left. We don't know what happened but suddenly Fozzie started to act quite weird. He started to sit down suddenly and even laid down. I checked him out and put him on the lead, and he was clearly hobbling. We got back to the van I checked him over thoroughly. His foot was very warm so I assumed he must had trod on something ?? He was very uncomfortable all the journey home as well.
When I got home I bathed his foot and could find nothing but he didn't like me touching it.
Fortunately as he was going to the vets the next day I knew Emily would be able to thoroughly examine it under anesthetic.
The castrate went well and Emily my vet could find nothing at all in his foot, but he had made it very sore licking it and it was slightly infected !!

So the thinking was he must have been bitten or stung. However 2 days later when I was checking his bits ( or lack of them) to see all was well, he yelped when I moved his leg. So now I am sure he hurt his leg ,and maybe the foot was a red herring and he was only licking it because his leg hurt ???

Its the same leg he hurt almost a year ago, so I am beside myself and have convinced myself that his agility days are over.
Anyway all was well and he seemed to be putting more weight on his foot ,and he had also stopped licking the foot everytime I took his lampshade off. He worried his foot more than his op! I have been taking him out to the agility field on his lead to do his business. He hates going to toilet on his lead so on Sunday I let him off just for a short while so he could go. Suddenly he saw something and ran off. I immediately called him but he came back on 3 legs :-(. I was in tears and feel so bad that I let him off the lead.

However within a few hrs he was fine and today he's not lame. However I still think he isn't putting full weight on it.
So now I don't know which way to turn. Is it his foot and leg, just his foot or just his leg. I think an xray would be a waste of time and money,  as its clearly not broken, so my gut feeling is to leave it a week and then take him to my Chiro. Last year when he hurt his "leg" it turned out to be his pelvis and lower back. I will then possibly see if I can find a physio/massager , depending on what Marisa finds. I will welcome any suggestions.

Well Mr Woody has officially been retired from full height agility. He will be 10 in a couple of months and as I wrote back at the end of August, he had been having jumping problems and needed extensive massage etc.
Well at Southdowns he was clearly measuring, so enough is enough. I may do the odd allsorts class with him over the small jumps but I will wait and see. He's been a fab dog to work. So honest and reliable. He really is a joy and I will miss running him. He never set the world alight but he loved doing it and owes me nothing :-)

So ironically I may be going from running 4 dogs which I was doing in 2010/11 ,to maybe only running one dog ( Chip) till Boo comes out at the end of next year ( Aug/Sept maybe )
Off course people that know me, know that I am the eternal worrier and pessimist, and hopefully Fozzie will be ok to work again.

Laura & Rupert have won a jumping class. This was at Letchworth at the beginning of September. She also won a jumping class at the Poodle training club show last weekend. Ruperts weaves are still a bit hit and miss as are his contacts. But she has all winter to work on them now.

Unfortunately I no longer have an agility club to train at. I am gutted about this , so for now I am having to make do with training days and the odd one to ones that become available. I can also practice odd bits in my field, but I do need input and people telling me when somethings right or wrong, so training on my own isnt all that great for me.
However only having Chip to train this isn't so much of a problem, but it will become more of a problem for my future training with Boo.

Just a few pics for this month. Boo hasnt really changed that much, but here are some that I like.
My Lovely Mum with all the dogs

Theres one missing :-(

Catch me

Coat of many colours

Laura and Rupert 1st

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