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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Boo's coat and my awful scare

I took some photos of Boo yesterday and I couldn't believe the similarity to Disney. Disney is an F1 first cross poodle x collie as is Boo. The picture I found of Disney was when he was just coming up to 4 months, whereas Boo is approaching 5 mths now. I did a little collage which I've put on here.

Boo's coat is going through a real funny stage, its parting in the middle and getting lots of white guard hairs. I am fairly used to this as all my collie x poodles coats have done it to a greater or lesser degree.
The only one that didnt really was Woody and he's ended up with the most poodley coat.

Here are some pics of Boo's funny coat, and as a comparison some of Chips at roughly the same age. I know from experience that by the time Boo is about 18mths the coat will have sorted itself out and be what it will be.

Chips coat

I continue to adore my naughty naughty little Boobalicious ( as Jennie calls her )
Don't you just love her ?

We had a real scare last weekend and it was one of the "omg what might have happened" It really shook me up , and all I can think of is what could have been and how lucky Boo was.

I went on a walk with my friend Jennie and another friend Lizzie. It was at Ockham common and it was lovely albeit very muddy.

We came across a monument in the middle of the woods. I have been there a few times but never really noticed how dangerous it could be.

Boo had run ahead with the other dogs and had climbed the steps. I called her back to me and rather than take the steps back down she went to the side and jumped off. It was about 4-5 ' up. She landed on the very soft muddy ground and was obviously slightly winded, but seemed fine. It wasn't till I walked to where she jumped ,that I saw that that if she had jumped just a foot to the side of her she would have landed probably 12' down onto concrete. These were concrete steps leading down under the monument to a crypt. Real vampire looking stuff.

The "what if" still haunts me. I am convinced I wouldn't have her now if that had happened :-(((
And on top of that I have convinced myself that she's done some permanent damage somehow or other to herself from the jump down.

I have put a picture of the crypt on taken back a year or so in the winter to show it. Unfortunately its a little dark & you can't see the steps leading down to the crypt on the right. You'll have excuse the funny picture of my friend Jennie and her hat !!!!

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  1. Boo looks extremely scrumptious! I still can't imagine you have a girl. LOL I can't wait to meet her!

    OMG to the scared! I've been there twice and I knew what you were talking about. I am so glad she is ok.