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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boo update

Boo is certainly keeping me busy, or should I say exhausted !
Good news is she has been clean in the house for over a week now :-) Bad news is the constant yipping/barking.:-((

She yells if we go out and leave her in her crate, even though she is in the room with the other boys. She screams and yips if one of the other dogs has something she wants be it a toy, bone...anything. In the end we have to take whatever away from them, which is a shame. We don't give it to her though.
Its hard work and causing friction in the house. We've tried almost everything. A sharp no, removing her , sound aversion, giving her something else in its place, but no she wants what they have got. So removing the object is the only thing thats works, so the poor boys have nothing to chew or play with at the moment.

Then there's the going out. I went out yesterday , she had been fed, wee'd and was sound asleep in her crate when I left. I also left one of the boys with her and took the rest out for their walk.
Laura was home upstairs not feeling too good. Apparently within 10 minutes of me going she woke up and the hysteria started .  Laura left her for a while to see if she quietened, but no it got louder and louder. She came down and told her to be quiet, but no nothing worked at all. This went on for ages even when she was let out of her crate. This is pretty much what has happened every time, so I have been taking her just about everywhere with me, but its been too hot in the van lately so I haven't been able to. Strangely she can be left completely on her own in the van and she doesn't make a sound !!

Then last night I was in tears about it all:-((  I had to go out to take Fozzie for a massage, it was too hot to take her too, so I left her behind with all the other dogs. When I got in I was greeted with 2 very unhappy humans. Apparently she screamed to come in with them, so they put Disney in the other room so she could run around with them,  then Disney started barking and crying, and so it went on for the whole time I was gone. Then they had the barking because she wanted something. Then she threw a temper tantrums about that.

I am at my wits end and don't know what to do. I was so upset yesterday because she is causing so much upset that I said maybe we should find her another home :-((

I love her dearly , but she has such a strong nature and I am concerned that I wont be able to get on top of it.
I now regret not getting a dog puppy. Maybe its the girl mentality( I dont know ?)

So any suggestions from anyone and I will happily take it.

During all this upset last night, Disney and her once again met, or should I say she met Disney. She is wary of him anyway, but she wandered too closely into his space and once again he flew at her. Luckily she is faster now and scooted away pretty damn quick, and he never touched her ,but it gave her a reminder.

I am away now for 8 days and everyone has the flags out at home, they will have peace and quiet for a while.

Sorry Jane if you're reading this, we probably won't have peace...lol.. I'm hoping Jane may have some great suggestions as I know she has had some poodles in the past like this.

I have also recently found out that Boo in fact has Toy Poodle ancestry rather than Min Poodle, and the toy poodles do have a more yappy nature. I don't mind the odd playful bark that we get, its the constant demanding bark thats the problem.

I have to say she is wonderful at night and we don't have a peep from the time she goes in the crate in our bedroom till she wakes up.
I did put her downstairs with the boys a few weeks back. She settled pretty quickly , however in the morning once the boys heard me moving about upstairs she started. I get up earlier than everyone else as I take the dogs out before my minded kiddies arrive . However we also have neighbours and to have her bark bark bark ( very loudly) at 6-30 am or earlier till I get downstairs also is just not on, along with soiling her crate as she gets so worked up .So reluctantly I took her back up with me again.

I feel I will have to have another go or else I guess she will never sleep downstairs.

So thats enough winging.

Hows she doing size wise...well she is 6kg in weight and is about 12-13" tall. She is quite a bit smaller than Disney at the same age. I am very anal and always record my puppies weights every 2 weeks till they are about 6 mths and then monthly till a year. I then periodically weigh all my dogs .
Disney I also kept a record of his height for the first 9 mths. He stopped growing at 7-8 mths and actually reached his adult height at 7 mths. After that he just filled out. At Boo's age he was already 15"

So it will be interesting to see what height Boo actually makes. Disney was Min poodle x Collie , whereas Boo is a Large Toy poodle x Collie. Time will tell.

I hadn't planned on taking her out walking with the older dogs just yet, but because of the separation issues I have had to on some occasions.

Here is a selection of pictures taken over the last week or so. A lot are taken on my phone so quality isn't too great

Mud Glorious Mud

All together

I want to join in

Fozzie Update

Fozzie really hasnt been right all this season and looking at the videos, he's just not stretching out again over the jumps.
After some of his runs at Thames 2 weeks ago, someone remarked on how tight and stiff he felt.
So I have been taking him to Gemma Mitchell who does canine massage. She treated him and gave me some exercises to do about 10 days ago. I took him back last night and the improvement is amazing.

So hopefuly this weekend I should see an improvement. I shall get some video to compare.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boo pics

Just wanted to share these fantastic pics that Mike Douglas took at the weekend of Boo. It really gives a great idea of her spirit and love of life..such a happy little girlie. We have also got her registered name through...She's now officially " Monster inc"
Full speed ahead

On a mission

Love the tongue

Happy Face

I'm going to get it

Saturday, June 09, 2012

One Month Gone

All together at last !

Disney isn't impressed

Well Boo has been here for a month now. She has settled in very well. She really is a naughty puppy, but very cute. She runs on duracell batteries thats for sure. She only sleeps when she is put in her crate, if she's out then she's into mischief. She has a real temper on her which I'm trying to keep reigned in. However if she doesn't want to do something or have something done, she certainly lets me know !!!! We've had some real fun battles :-))
I had been very careful not to let Disney and her meet. Disney is horrible with puppies and I just wanted Boo to be bigger before we attempted an introduction. Sadly it happened sooner than I hoped.
I was in the house alone and I had not shut the stair gate properly. Woody managed to open the gate and Boo rushed out. Before I had a chance to get to her she had rushed up to Disney, obviously thinking he was another lovely dog to play with ,and he got her good and proper :-(( He badly pierced her gum and we were fortunate he didn't get her eye. She must have gone right up into his face to say hello. She screamed and there was blood everywhere, but fortunately she got over it fairly quickly. Since then we have been extra careful. They have passed each other in the garden briefly but thats about it , till today.
I decided to take them all for a walk, the first all together. I kept her on the lead but let Disney pass by her and vice versa. Boo is definitely not sure about him. We have also let her come into the room when Disney is in there, but he is behind a baby screen. When he growls she definitely backs off now, whereas before her mishap if he growled she thought that was a game.
I know in time Disney will accept her, but as he is in his twilight years and slightly deaf, he's even more grouchy than normal. Because of this I have made the decision that Boo will definitely be the last puppy we have in the house whilst Disney is still with us. I feel awful having to exclude him, when our time together now is so precious.
I went to a show last week, and I knew being in the caravan in such a confined space with Disney and Boo would be just impossible. Steve was away in France but luckily Laura had the week off work, so she agreed for Disney to stay in the comfort of his home and me to take Boo with me. She is by far too much like hard work at the moment to leave with someone else.
Disney had a lovely time at home being spoilt rotten and Boo benefitted from being out at her first camping show. She was fab. She took it all in her stride. She was very confident ,but unfortunately has that spooky bit I was hoping to avoid. A strange noise or sight made her panic bark a bit, but it was very short lived and I was able to distract her onto something else.
Walking round the rings and the showground she was fantastic. She greeted people happily and wanted to say hello to other dogs.
In the caravan garden she had a fantastic time, playing with the boys and it certainly helped her house training while we were away. However the moment we got home she reverted back to peeing just wherever and whenever she wanted. I am finding it very frustrating that such a bright puppy can be so dim when it comes to housetraining.
She has already had her first Media job :-) She did a photo shoot for Marks and Spencers. She will be on all the leaflets about pet insurance that are at the checkouts in their shops.
Chip had a job up in Manchester about 10 days ago as well. I took Boo along for the experience. Once again she was great. She took it all in her stride, going up escalators/lifts, staying in a hotel, meeting people , the noise and the hubbub, she wasn't fazed about a thing, which is why I find the spooky thing so weird ?? She has the same dad as Fozzie and he has a slight spookiness, so I guess it is definitely hereditary.
Once again he was an extremely confident puppy and is a confident dog, but in the evenings he turns into a dog that growls under his breath & panic barks at the slightest noise. This attitude contradicts their otherwise extremely confident natures. However if this is their only fault I can live with it. Fozzie is wonderful with people, children,  other dogs & especially puppies. Boo appears to be the same.
Here are some pics taken during the last month

Say Arrr :-)

Dont know what occurring with the tail ?

Pretty as a picture

Playing in the pool

Best Friends

                                    JDA Show June 2012

This week was our first full week away in the caravan. Although its actually only 3 days competing and a finals day. We were fortunate with the weather. It rained for the first day when we arrived, so we spent the day socialising, eating and generally lazing around. The next day we helped set up rings, and book people in as they arrived, the sun shone that day so it was very nice.
The first 2 days of competing were dry, with some sun and the very odd shower right at the end of the day. The 3rd day was slightly worse and it rained on and off throughout the afternoon.
However Thursday night we had severe gales. I was parked under a tree, so at about 9pm I made the decision to move the caravan to a safer place. The wind speeds reached 60mph and was quite frightening. I would have gone home but I had qualified Woody for the Finals in top position.
The next morning we woke up to rain and more wind, however they still decided to run the Finals.
I made the decision that if when I got to my run I wasn't happy about the conditions I would pull out.
As luck would have it, 5 dogs before me the rain stopped and the wind died a little. I decided I would run , especially as it was a sensible course and the dog walk had been removed for safety reasons.
Woody was fab, but I made a sill error and moved a little too soon which got him a refusal :-(
Woody was on fire all week. I had actually decided to retire him at the end of this season as he will be 10 in December. However Woody has different ideas and worked amazingly all week. He ran 9 classes and got 7 clear rounds and 6 top ten places, which is how he qualified for the final in top position.
Chip was also great all week( at last) and we also had some lovely top 10 places in grade 6.
Fozzie on the other hand did not get one clear round. He just isn't concentrating and sadly we just cant get it together at all.
I have some videos of the wk, but I haven't got around to downloading them, but I will add them when I do.
I had a horrendous journey home, Towing the caravan in severe winds with sudden extreme gusts of between 40-50mph was very frightening.
It has taken me 24 hrs to relax and chill.