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Monday, May 07, 2012

The Newest Edition

In March I wrote about the death of Angela, the wonderful friend who bred 3 of my hairy boys. That to me was the end of the line for me. Angela had promised before she died to do a special mating and was going to try and breed me a blue merle hairy. The bitch was due in season in May but sadly that never happened :-((

So I started looking at other options for my next pup. I knew I wanted another puppy this year. I actually needed another dog in the house like a hole in the head, but I don't have the luxury of time to be able to wait. Unfortunately like us all I am getting older, and I don't know for how many more years I'll be able to run round an agility course. Ideally I would have preferred to have waited at least another 2 years, but that added to the 18mths/2yrs it takes to train a puppy I just felt that would be too long to wait.

Fozzie is 4yrs old this year, and so I felt I could now devote the time to a new pup.

I seriously considered a pure Border Collie, but Steve wasn't too keen, he wouldn't have stopped me, but I feel that as the dogs are a big part of our family ,we must all be happy with my choice.

So I thought about a Working Beardie, Steve was happier with this idea because at least it would be hairy.

I also looked at the Internet at various poodle crossbreeds. The sad fact about this, is that very few(if any) people that breed crossbreeds do any health checks at all:-( They don't seem to see the importance of them ,but to me this is so important.

Then suddenly out of the blue on Friday I was contacted by the person who had taken some of Angelas dogs when she died, including several Mums with their pups. He wanted to know if I knew anyone interested in some of these puppies. I asked what they were. There were some poodle x shihtzu puppies and ...... some min poodle x possible collie puppies !!!!!! Completely health tested

I just remarked it was a shame they were female and brown but that was about it.

After I finished speaking to him , I went and told Steve. He said that maybe I should go and have a look anyway ,and as they weren't too far away I agreed.

In the meantime I spoke with the Kennelmaid/groomer that works at Angela's to get a bit more info on the possible Dad of these puppies.

Well it turned out that the Dad was Charles, who is Fozzies Dad. How on earth he managed to mate a small miniature poodle we just don't know !!
Apparently the Mum is an escape artist and managed to scale a 6' fence to get to him. It was a complete accidental mating .
I thought it strange that Angela hadn't told me about these puppies as they would have been about 2 wks old when she died, but then again I realise she wouldn't have ,because she know I really wanted a blue merle this time not another brown puppy, and the mating for the blue merle was planned and waiting to take place.

So..Yesterday I went down to see the pups. I really think this was fate. Maybe Angela has orchestrated this from above ?? Why did Robert phone me when he did....strange and spooky.
I had said the puppy had to be right or else I'd walk away. After all I hadn't really wanted another brown puppy or particularly a bitch .

But as you can see from the picture, she came home. Her name is Boo and she is approx 9-10 wks ????

I am hoping she will be medium like Disney, but she will be what she will be.
It's strange having a girlie again. I love my boys and didn't anticipate ever having a bitch puppy again, but with 5 boys in the house maybe it's good to even things out a bit :-)
The boys love her, well all except Disney, but I know with experience he'll come round. She has settled in so well. But it's the part I hate now....housetraining :-((((((


She has a lot of coat !

Part of the Gang :-)

Charles ( Fozzie and Boo's Dad)


  1. Congratulations, She is gorgeous! :)

  2. Congratulations! She is a little darling. I can't wait to meet her. So happy for you!