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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Week Home

Well Boo has settled in VERY well. She really is a live wire :-))
She makes me smile everyday. At first Woody, Chip and Fozzie thought she was lovely, now I think they'd like her to go back. She tugs on their beards, eats their feet, clambers all over them and the novelty has worn off.

Her first night here I was up twice in the night giving her a bath. :-(( She had a bad tummy and just laid in it. She was by my bed in her crate but didn't make a noise till after she'd been.
The next night she didn't poo, but she screamed and screamed when we went to bed. She eventually settled and then slept all night till 6.30am.

Her upset tummy disappeared after 24 hrs and since then she has gone into the crate happily at night and is sleeping till I wake up, and hasn't had a single accident in her crate :)))

On the other hand when she's awake housetraining isn't going too well. She will go into the garden, charge around, rip everything out of the flowerpots, pick up stones, eat the mud, but pee..no way. She comes inside and immediately does it.
She is actually better when I take her out on the lead to the grass, she will pee then almost straight away. I find this bizarre as she has never had access to grass as I know where she came from just had concrete.

She has got a fantastic appetite and that's making her fun training easy. She is incredibly bright and very eager and willing.

Here are a couple of little videos of her.

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