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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fozzies Back :-)

Easter weekend we were at the Easter celebration show. After all the lovely weather leading up to it, it was a bit of a shock with the low temperatures, especially at night in the caravan.

 It was Fozzies first show back after his injury before Xmas. He was a bit all over the place,and knocked a few poles but I was just pleased he was competing again.

 Woody didn't seem to be jumping quite right on the Saturday and I was thinking I would maybe retire him, however on the Sunday he was Fab. 2 clear rounds and a nice place in a huge Grade 3-5 KC Olympia qualifier. Maybe once again its just jump fitness, because he tends to train on medium jumps as he's the only large dog in the class. So from now on , its only large jumps for Woody in training once he's warmed up.

 Chip did some really nice work, just odd little mistakes from me caused him to knock a pole here and there, apart from in one class where he broke his start line wait again and I put him back. He then(of course) went on to complete a stunning run...grrr. In another class , his lead with his ball attached was in view after the last jump. So naughty boy that he is, he just bypassed the last jump and went straight out for his ball. I always hide it behind the tent and this is what I did, but I guess someone moved it :-( 

So this weekend we are at Wallingford. I am judging on the Saturday, so only one day competing. 

Disney had a trip back to the specialist last Thursday. He had become quite breathless on walks, especially when it was warm. He had a heart scan and a check up on his lump in his stomach. He has a strange heart Murmour, apparently the wall of the heart thickens normally, but for some reason Disney's is thinner?? Anyway he is on tablets for this. The lump in his stomach has remained the same and the vet thinks it may possibly be just old scar tissue from when he was opened up as a puppy. It could still possibly be cancerous , but without a biopsy he can't confirm this , and at this moment in time is happy to just leave well alone :-)

 Yesterday we went out for a lovely walk, skipping the rain showers and got this lovely pic of the boys. Disney sounded much better so the drugs must be working.

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