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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Good News

I started Fozzie back at proper agility training 2 weeks ago :-) He's only doing small jumps but so far he looks totally sound. I'll put the jumps up to medium next week for a couple of weeks and then hopefully at the beginning of March he'll go back to full height. His walks are back to normal and he can now do 2 hr walks with no problem. I still keep him on the lead for the first 5 /10 minutes a) to let his muscles warm up b) so he doesn't do the explosive start when he's first let out of the van. Once all the others have calmed down and are happily sniffing I let him off lead, he's then calm. So fingers crossed we are on track for him to compete again in April. He's not had a single episode of lameness since he first held his leg back at the beginning of December so I am now optimistic. This week we had some lovely snow. I got the boys out early so I could take some photos before everyone else had walked on the snow.
Just love the boys snowy beards 

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  1. So glad to hear Fozzie is sounds now. Such a worried when they went lame. I love the pictures of the boys have snow on their beards, very cute. Chip is sooooooo handsome!